Jadeite Jade Rock and Stone

 Raw green jade rocks jadeite stones & jewelry

We offer raw jade jadeite stones in white, green, black and other colors, as a boulder, pebble, cut block, jewelry, pendants, bangles, sculptures, artwork and more there is a wide spectrum. 

Jadeite Jade Rock and Stone

Here are some basic information about jade gemstones in order to be able to identify its originality which is either jadeite or the softer nephrite. 

Myanmar / Burmese mines in Kachin state produces jadeite which is the better quality Burma jade stone. British Columbia (Canada) mines produce nephrite. Chrysoprase is also known as Australian Jade and dolomite marble as Malaysia Jade. There are some more fakes from Afghanistan and elsewhere.

Different jadeite and nephrite jade qualities are available for various purposes to meet almost any requirement. Pls. tell us what you want, as a rough guideline just browse our website to give you an idea what is available.

selling laughing jade buddhaJade stones and jewelry 

The green stone played a significant role in the culture of ancient civilizations, especially Chinese. 

As a useful material and some mystic property, also a high level of symbolism is relevant. In other countries, not many use jewelry created from the stone but everywhere with a Chinese population that is the material people are dreaming about.

For production and selling, there is an interesting symbiosis since China adjacent to Myanmar is the world's largest market for the green stone which is high-end jadeite jade ideal for Jade Buddha Statues.

antique jade bangle

Selling Jade

Currently (2017) Burma (Myanmar) is the biggest producer in the world of high-end jadeite jade. Every year at least two sales fairs take place in the capital Naypyitaw. The 2015 annual gem emporium took in about €1 billion. 

The 13-day Myanmar Gems Emporium ended Monday in the capital with successful auctions of 8,943 lots of jade and 323 lots of other gems. This is substantially lower than last years almost 3 billion which they said, is because of lower prices and drop in the jade sale this year. 

More than 4,500 traders from China including Hong Kong plus Thailand and Japan attended the emporium, Myanmar started to hold annual gem sales in 1964 at Yangon.
treated jade jewelry
  • In the past, nephrite jade came from Chinese mines currently the biggest supply is from Canada New Zealand and Australia. 
  • Some jade items for sale were probably treated with bleaching liquid but it's difficult to find out just at the spot. Buying the mineral is always not an easy business because nobody can look into the stone and the method with the lamp needs long experience and is still not safe. Most serious dealers cut the rocks in half or just a corner out to show the customer what is behind read more.  
raw jade

    imperial jade cabochons with different colors
  • The other day I went to the Jade Museum in Kuala Lumpur to have a look for their beautiful collection the range was from simple small figurines to battle-axes Buddha sculptures jewelry dozens of other creations and even a chair made from where I was able to sit on read more.
  • Here are cabochons with different colors including black, they are used for novelties, necklaces, and rings. When they are highly polished, as shown below, they are a beautiful optical impression. The stones are always opaque, there is no clear version similar to emeralds, read more.
    Rough Jade for sale with various colors
  • Today most raw jade stones are used to make jewelry such as bracelets, bangles, pendants, earrings and more beautiful necklaces and statues plus mystical items. The picture above shows the colors which really reach over a wide spectrum, read more.
Chinese Jade Rings with gold setting
  • Natural jadeite jewelry is currently the most sought products created from the green stone and an absolute favorite with Chinese Ladies who buy them in volume. They have a mystical relation to this stoneread more
It is obviously that the stone, once a prestigious item expressing status and wealth moved into the mainstream as jewelry and decorative items. Sorting out this amazing stone which sometimes really looks like a transparent soap has continuous surprises.
    jade jewelry necklace for sale
  • All this is mainly with Chinese people who love jade rings, but also in Europe and elsewhere ancient tools and weapons made from the material were found and today all that is big business and there is a good reason for, read more.

Jade Jewelry for sale set in gold and paired with diamonds.

Selling Jade is not so easy since it needs some experience to guess what's in the stone. Just imagine you buy a rough boulder and when it is cut it looks different to the outer layer.

There have been some recent development to the usual guessing where they use a point light source to figure out the quality of the jade stone. Using UV lights make the property of the jade stone better visible.

lavender buddha

A popular color is a lavender which is also often used for bigger items such as a Buddha sculpture since the prices are still in a manageable region it can't be done with imperial or other top green since the prices will be simply too high. 

That's one of the reasons why Buddha statues from over about 40 cm height are mostly done in white and lavender, read more.
carved Buddha pendants from jadeite
  • Green, also known as imperial jade, the main use is rather in a female context but not only. There are often gold rings with a prominent valuable green piece. Green Buddha pendants are chic with younger people when they come as ethnic jewelry in a combination with other stones or maybe pearls this enriches the optical impression and indicate some glamor. It creates an exotic oriental aura and can also enrich various accessories, read more.
white laughing Buddha in a Yangon shop

There are some other parameters such as the buyer must have a wealthy background for high-end material. These carvings are quite expensive, there is nothing below a couple of thousand dollars. Most people also just buy them because it simply looks good.

The mining district delivers rough jade for sale.

Gorgeous jade and silver bangles
  • In the Myanmar jade mines, the mineral extracted is jadeite, not nephrite that is produced in Canada, China, Australia etc. The Burmese product is of higher quality by nature, it has better colors and superior texture. That's the reason why people buy it and pay a much higher price for it. Once it is extracted it is cleaned and often cut to show the inside to the buyer, read more.
carved jade art sculpture
  • Working with carved jade, this is often a real artist's job, the creation of a great sculpture such as a decorative item, a Buddha, and other objects is everything but easy. This has also something to do with the hardness of the material which is not far away from the hardness of diamonds, read more.
shiny imperial jade pendant
  • Imperial Jade has the highest value. The pendant at the right side is about $ 17.000,- and the boulder at left which is about one meter in height cost several million, all this is jadeite, read more.

Jade Buddha with light green color
Although there is substantial processing into jewelrysculptures, such as Buddha statues and other objects going on in Burma, by far the largest production is over the border, they have plenty of manufacturing know-how and skillful artists, carvers etc.

There are state-owned manufacturing companies and private owned but the state companies are the majority. Every big city such as Shanghai etc. has its stone markets. 
hpakan jade mines
Buying Jade Sculptures in Yangon Myanmar

Yangon in Myanmar (Burma) is the best place for buying jadeite jade since there is a large supply of all versions, from the simple stone to the intricately carved statues and jewelry. prices are quite OK and the quality too. 

Furthermore there a good chance not to be cheated which is very important since manipulated material is almost the normality. In addition, you can try to make a real bargain.

Jadeite jade necklace for sale with gold and diamonds
Here is jadeite jewelry such as this necklace with gold and diamonds. It looks really pretty since the workmanship is also top. As it is visible on the price tag it's not cheap knickknack. Where jade is available for sale in Yangon? In the Bogyoke Market.

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Jadeite Jade Rock and Stone


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