Green Jade Pendants

The green jade color version is the most popular

The artwork carved on top of the pendants is usually green jade Buddha images in bas-relief and mythical animals such as dragons and sometime a birthstone carving. 

There are plenty of ideas which materialize. But anyway what color is selected the jewelry look always pretty.  Jadeite jade and nephrite (Yu) is a precious stone with an aura sometimes a bit of superstition, in particular with Chinese people, often just beautiful finally it won’t matter. 

Green jade pendants

green jade pendants

A jade stone and the piece of jewelry made from is just a fascinating little thing and a pendant is for the front maybe hanging on a beautiful necklace of the same material, metal or whatever.
This is the birthstone for March / Virgo many other attributes are interpreted into such as protective ones and healing.  There is no doubt jade it is a fine ornamental stone for a pendant with a purpose a green talisman. Here we have put a couple of affordable together you can easily purchase and since the procedure is performed by Amazon you are on the safe side no matter where you are.

Famous jadeite version is from Myanmar (Burma) and of nephrite (Chinese version) is Hetian Jade. But since their mines are slowly getting exhausted the Chinese import the raw jade stones from Canada (BC), Australia and other parts of the world and make small pieces of jewelry art out of it. The art is in a form of pretty carvings which is actually drilling. Just have a look at the pictures they are self explaining.

We took some very pretty green pendants and show it to you, they are impressive and not costly although of good quality and workmanship.

green jade pendants (1)


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