Jade Buddha Pictures

Jade Buddha Images.

The statues come in many colors and designs from small figurines of maybe 5 cm up to tall statues for the garden or a temple with maybe 1.5 meters. Taller is rather rare since the price for genuine jade of that size becomes prohibitive.

Jade Buddha

Picture with white and green Jade Buddha Statues up to half meter.

Here are Jade Buddha Statues pictured with up to 70 cm height and $ 500,- 5000,- price. The creations are very south after although the price is high some bigger ones with a uniform white color and about 80 cm height are sold for around $ 40k at Yangon's Bogyoke Market.
Be very careful with white jade statues they are very often made from white marble this cheat is less in Myanmar / Burma but rather normal in Thailand.

Reclining Buddha Sculpture

Beautiful white sitting Jade Buddha for sale