Jade Gemstone & Jewelry Photos

The Jade Photo show

Images showing old jadeite jade sculptures such as Buddha statues, carved landscapes, animals such as horses elephants and plenty of jewelry of any type.

Informative pictures show the great colors of jade gemstones and jewelry such as beautiful jadeite bangles pendants necklaces earrings wide and solid rings plus body decoration.

Jade Photo

jade and diamond necklace photos

jade art sculpture
Green green bangles with sterling silver

jade horse
Carved horses from the museum in Kuala Lumpur

Burmese jade photos
Burmese jade photos

imperial jade pendant
Imperial jade pendant
pretty green and lavender pendant
Pretty green and lavender pendant

translucent jade bangle
Translucent bangle

lavender and white jewelry
Lavender and white jewelry

Jade Bangles Photos
Green and white Bangles Photos

beautiful lavender bangle
Beautiful lavender color bangle

imperial jade bangle
Imperial jade bangle
always check for micro cracks
Always check for micro cracks
wholesale shop items
Wholesale shop items
jadeite jewelry shop
Jadeite jewelry shop

white jade bangles
White jade bangles

There are also great bracelets.

colorful bracelets
Colorful bracelets

bracelets bangles and other
Bracelets bangles and other
range of colors
Range of colors
classic womens jewelry
Classic women jewelry

Pretty carved jade Bangles.

Carved jade bangle from China
Carved jade bangle

carved jade bangle from China
Carved jade bangle from China

antique carved jade bangle
Antique carved jade bangle
laughing  jade Buddha
Laughing  Buddha in a KL shop
green jade chicken
Green jade chicken at the KL museum
green white and lavender jade flower sculpture
Green white and lavender jade flower sculpture
a herd of jade horses
A herd of jade horses
Green jade pendants

jade Buddha photo white with gold and ruby dust

jade and silver chains
Jade and silver chains
Cheap Burmese Jade Jewelry
Cheap Burmese Jade Jewelry
Top quality pendant at Sands Casino Mall Singapore
Top quality pendant at Sands Casino Mall Singapore

high quality pendant with gold and diamonds at the shop in singapore
High quality imperial type pendant with gold and diamonds at the shop in Singapore

Most Burmese jade photos are impressive.

jade chains of different colors with silver
Jade chains of different colors with silver
some loose jade amber and other gemstones
Some loose jade amber and 
other gemstones
Colorful Bracelets
Colorful Bracelets

green jade necklaces and earrings
Green jade necklaces and earrings
bigger jadeite sculptures
Bigger jadeite sculptures
Some like wood sculptures other prefer jade, marble is also popular. This is also a question of prices since wood is much lower priced, the exception is sandal wood.
pretty jewelry set
Pretty jewelry set
small jade rock
Small jade rock for sale
small jade rock
Raw Burmese Jadeite

Jade rings and Buddha Pendants
Jade rings and Buddha Pendants

Images of raw jadeite jade rocks and stones.

Rough jade stones
Rough jade stones
Raw jade at Bogyoke Market Yangon
rough jade market
Rough jade market

rough blue jade stones
Rough blue jade stones
rough imperial jade boulder 1
Rough imperial jade boulder
rough imperial jade boulder
Rough imperial jade boulder
Natural untreated jadeite
Natural untreated jadeite
Myanmar jade buddha at a shop in bogyoke market
Myanmar jade Buddha at a shop in Bogyoke Market
jade cabochons
Jade cabochons
Imperial jade is the most sought after version of the stone because all the relevant high end parameter are combined here which are a a beautiful sapphire like green, other call it "grass green" and a good level of transparency which makes an outstanding piece of oriental jewelry, read more.

Burmese imperial jade carved pendant
Jade Silver Rings

Attractive jade silver rings just looking at the images it becomes clear that this are mostly men's ring since they are rather bulky but the composition of silver together with lavender and green jadeite jade is not bad, read more.

blue sapphire jewelry pictures with diamonds and gold
Great Sapphire jewelry pictures
Another exquisite gemstone for jewelry is sapphire which comes in many colors, here are blue jewelry creations.

Much more Myanmar / Burmese Jadeite Jade is here with large pictures

ruby jewelry picture
Ruby jewelry picture