Jade Shop in Chinatown

In every Chinatown is a jade store.

There are a couple of jade stores in downtown KL and most are in the high price sector as it is in the Pavilion Mall at Bukit Bintang. It is very similar to gold shops actually this are the two materials Chinese trust as a safe haven for their money.
KL jade shop in chinatown

Jade shop in Chinatown

But there is a smaller store in the low price sector about 50 m off the Central Market in Kuala Lumpur the products are earrings, pendants, bangles and necklaces.

The pictures below are from thise jewelry look quite good is nothing sophisticated and all made from nephrite which is the lower price version of jade.  The high-end version is jadeite which is mined in Myanmar's Kachin State, that's in the very north of the country.
The small jewelry items shown here can also be bought right from the screen just click at the first picture above.
Here is an assortment of lower priced nephrite jade items  with rings in a variety of the common jade colors. With that large a mount of of jade rings the change is also very high to find the right size.There are also other jade accessories in the shop to find matching pieces.
pretty jade rings
Pretty jade rings
Just take one of this matching jade earrings it will make your day.
  • Beautiful matching earrings

handmade fashion jewelry for sale
Handmade fashion jewelry for sale

Most of the jade art and jewelry come from mainland China although there is a substantial workforce in Taiwan but against more than 2 Billion people is hard to compete on top of it the Chines are somehow artists in terms of jade. It needs to consider that they work with the stone since very long time there is nobody who really know when they started it.