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Jade shop jewelry & sculptures

Top quality jadeite jade with moderate prices in KL the best are two first the Jade Museum and another store in the Central Market on the first floor. There is another store for nephrite items (low price) outside the central market.

If you like to have the jade jewelry delivered to your address for a lower price buy the green stone here.  

storefront window at jade shop kuala lumpur
Storefront window at Kuala Lumpur central market

Jade shop in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Raw jade stonesThere is an amazing variety of styles, sizes, colors and qualities available and the jewelry is getting better every year because more sophisticated tools are used. You can find more about attractive jade items from the shop here.
Here are the raw jade stones from were this beautiful jewelry is made if you like you can buy them here

This is a very important factor because jade stones are extremely hard only bypassed by diamonds and rubies which mean the material is very difficult to handle typically people always say "jade carving" but actually there is no carving that is all done by drilling because of the hardness.
All have marvelous jewels and decorative items are for sale. The city has plenty of Chinese people and they love it. For them, it’s a symbol of purity and beauty and has good health and long life properties.

pretty bangles at jade shop kl
Pretty bangles

Do your homework if you want to buy this product or take an expert with you if you want a high-end item because there are no internationally recognized evaluation parameters. 

Everyone who sells the product is on his own imaginations. The market is situated in Chinatown, it was a wet market before and instead of destroying another piece of the heritage they transformed it.

multicolored bangles for sale
Multicolored bangles for sale

This is together with the Jade Museum and the Pavilion Mall the best place to buy jade in KL, shops are open from 10 am to 7 pm. 

In the market are about hundred stalls selling a variety of items including jade jewelry such as braceletspendantsornaments, carvings and sculptures.

From a few dollars to a couple of thousand prices depend on its size and the grade of the green stone used.  Actually, it’s not only green; the color spectrum extends to yellow, brown, white, light blue, lavender, red and more. The top grade is entirely green called imperial jade and is the most expensive variety when it shows a high amount of translucency.

jade animals fish and lion
Jade animals such as fish and lion
Jade turquoise and other gemstones
Jade turquoise and other gemstones everything is very
appealing very decorative for the living room or an office.
There are some jade objects with Feng Shui ideas behind.
Black Jade Buddha green horse pendant and other jewelry

The most diverse is the Jade Museum

The main difference from them to the other is here is the museum has mainly Chinese nephrite and most other have jadeite from Myanmar which has a higher quality, texture, and better colors. 
raw jade stone for sale.
But the museum has magnificent artwork on display and quite some pretty things to sell. 

This is definitely a place to visit if you like raw green jade-stones and want some interesting things to see. The place is a bit difficult to find, the best is start a walk from "Times Square" shopping center towards the south, with the car you end up in nowhere.
Antique Chinese Nephrite Battle Ax
Jade Art Composition
Jade Art Composition


  1. The jade business is naturally in the hand of Malaysian Chinese people. If you are in Penang visit "Penang road" there are a couple of interesting jade shops.

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