Raw Black Jade

Raw black jade stone & jewelry

Most black jadeite jade is used for jewelry and there it's a pendant people prefer, actually there is often a real artwork behind the carving.
The themes are mythical dragon and all kind of Buddha carvings plus Chinese Taoism ideas. If someone buy this they pay quite some money for because it's rare and it needs to inspire the artist to get creative find more raw black jade here

This is a very rare version of the mineral which only occurs when a high amount of iron oxide and graphite was available during creation of the stone, the present of both resulted into that totally dark color.

Various shades of black jade

For many people this symbolizes the power of protection. 

It is projected into black jade In physical and mental terms, but as usual there is no evidence, its imagination. Some say it instills the emotions of calm and serenity in the person who wear the object. There are many myths on various jade colors and black is a magnificent example of a magical color that this stone can hold. People usually wear it as pendants and bracelets.

Variants are pieces of the gemstone where dark lines or spots are running through. The totally dark color show somehow the variety of the mineral because between here and white everything is available.

Variants of Black

Pendants, bangles and beads are the most popular black jade jewelry.

Black jade beads and cabochons

Raw black jade

Black jade pendant with carved Buddha image
Black pendant
Rough black jade rock
Rough black jade rock

Black jade beads
Black beads as a bracelet
Black beaded necklace
Beautiful necklaces

Black beaded necklace with mother of pearl pendant
Black beaded necklace with mother of pearl pendant (1)

Beads pearls & corals necklaces

beaded black jade jewelry from various semi precious stones
Beaded jewelry made from various semi precious stones
The necklace shop
The pearl necklace shop

Jade Necklace Pictures 

burmese raw black jade
Jadeite rock
cabochonsoften some veins of other colors run through the stone. It shows the skills of the artist when he is able to integrate this meaningful into a sculpture.

Bracelets for sale at Bogjoke Market
Jade Bracelets for sale at Bogyoke Market Yangon

White and black jadeite sculpture
Black jade pendant with carved bird