Rough Jadeite with White and Green Color

The raw (rough) jadeite jade

The color blend on the picture of the raw jade below is one of the most common and often a beautiful translucency is achieved with it by the craftsmen. 
Just think about this great bangle, although quite expensive when having  level of "shine through" people buy it since it is a very attractive body decoration. 

White and green raw jade

A mixture of green white and lavender

Open jade stone green and white

Pretty light stone pattern
Raw white green jadeite rock

lavender jade rock
Lavender jade rock is among the top one other are white and green. It can give a beautiful piece of jewelry since this color is rather rare in the gemstone world. 

Withing a solid stone also other colors can run through which makes it quite difficult to work with, read more

A white Buddha pendant always shines usually they have a variation of green but this transparent carved item here is really exceptional. The amazing part of this picture is for sure the transparency of the jadeite, read more.


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