Jade Geology

Jade Geology in Myanmar (Burma).

Some geological processes have been unique when the earth was formed and Jadeite was created by nature this is a mineral that is restricted to rocks and boulders that have undergone metamorphism at very high pressure but low temperatures. 

Now what is this? It is a change of minerals or geologic texture in existing rocks without a melting into liquid magma first. 

The change is because of heat, pressure, and fluids which make the inside components and crystal jade structures change but the rock itself remains solid jadeite is found in serpentine only.

In the jade mine

rough jadeite and serpentinite

Nephrite which was also formed like this had a bit of a different formation and is much more widespread than jadeite because of this. It is mostly found inside serpentinite. The variants are boulders rocks and cobbles in river deposits underground or in mountains.  

The main mining source is at Kachin State Myanmar and in Sagaing division. Since most other sources got depleted by the 16th Century the only source remained here in the north of the country and in Guatemala.

rough jade for sale at the emporium
Rough jade for sale at the emporium

There are certain variants e.g. with traces of chromium and magnesium it became imperial green. O
ther jade colors are lavender white red purple yellow brown and more. With traces of manganese, it becomes lavender and purple, without impurities its white. 

A blend with iron brings dark and bright red. If chromium was present at the time the stone was formed under a relatively low temperature of around 300 Celsius.

A high-density gemstone.

rough jade at the mine
Rough jade at the mine
Jade feels heavier than usual stones. In your hand, genuine jade must feel smooth cool and somehow a bit like a soap, after holding it the hand it should warm up from the body temperature if this happens there is a good chance it is pure jade.

Burmese jade is getting more popular and prices are rising continuously one spike into the sky was when a necklace was auctioned at November 1997 at Christie's in Hong Kong for more than 70 million Hong Kong dollars.