Jade Green

Jade Green Cabochon Raw & Jewelry

Jade with green color is the most common used for jewelry ornaments statues and carvings in general second is white and after lavender jadeite comes in the distance.

The fact is almost everyone who mention jade stones has a green piece in mind which also get the highest price. The top of this version of mineral is always sought after such as this Chinese style carved bangles.

When buying green jade in a physical shop better be very careful because there are many fakes around and other different stones people just call jade but are not the precious stone. On top of it there are two versions of genuine jade which are jadeite and nephrite see the chunks below.

jade chunks green colors

Nephrite is what is commonly known as Chinese Jade for thousands of years although its not from China its from Turkestan and Jadeite the second version is from Myanmar (Burma),

carved jade bangle Chinese styleGreen jade stands for mystic healing protection and beauty among Chinese people. The green stone is considered one of the most remarkable gemstones because of the cultural-historical importance and high symbolism. Jade is not only a gemstone but a 6 millennium-old myth with symbolic power. Since time immemorial jade exerts a very special attraction on people especially to Chinese and it has been known since the Stone Age.

In ancient China, jade was also referred to as "The stone of Heaven". Already about 4.000 BC green jade was known as the "royal gemstone". In Chinese history the jade stone was used for weapons because of the hardness as well as objects and cult figures. Also grave goods for members of the imperial family were made of jade. At that time, as now, Jade is considered by many to be a symbol of the beautiful and the precious.

Green jade is a synonym for success and a long life.

genuine green jade pebblesEven the Aztecs and the Mayans of Central America estimated Jade higher than gold actually they were more using blue jade and the Chinese rather green. Even in ancient Egypt gree jade was used and worshiped as the stone of love bringing inner peace and harmony.

Arab people like jade as a protective stone it should keep evil away.

Green Jade Gemstones.

Green Jade stones are the number one with Chinese people, they used this green mineral since thousand of years, but the is "nephrite jade", the better is jadeite which comes only from Myanmar (Burma) and today all high-end jewelry is this material.

One of the best greenstone version is for sure jadeite which is mined in Myanmar (Burma). This is a gorgeous mineral more sought after from Chinese people, they really like them because of the colors and certain superstitious health ideas. This goes on for thousands of years.

Another green gemstone are Emerald gems mainly come from south America which means Columbia and Brazil there are some other minor productions elsewhere read more This bright green and mostly clear stone looks somehow similar to jade but that's opaque and there is no clear version. Emeralds are real gorgeous precious gems.

In 2007 a major discovery of pink-red spinel was made in Tanzania, and many gem dealers regard it as the finest ever discovered until the 19th Century this red stone was also recognized as ruby. Only the technology which came up during that time enabled to analyze the mineral and people saw the difference.

Myanmar (Burma) is a typical producer country and Thailand is doing the sales, of course, there are two other heavyweights such as China with Jade and India but they are more focused on the domestic market. This probably will change slowly now (2016) because of the opening of the country.

In the past it was always shared like that, the first ones extracted the gemstones and the other sold them. Clearly visible with Ruby and Sapphire where the production is around Mogok and Mong Hsu and most of the gems and jewelry are sold in Bangkok and Chanthaburi.

The major trading with colored (semi) precious corundum stones is going on in this two cities in Thailand. Every day hundreds of people from all over the world come to buy the precious gems. Although most of the traded raw and loose gems have undergone some kind of heat and other treatments since everyone knows that it won't be a real problem. This two places also have the necessary infrastructure to handle this business.