Amber Bracelets and Necklaces

Beautiful Amber Necklaces and Bracelets 4you. 

Most of this unique Myanmar Amber jewelry is made from carved ball beads and pretty carvings it looks very pretty although a bit bulky.

Amber stones for bracelets, pendants, and necklaces are ideal for creating unique handmade jewelry because they are not so hard like let's say jade so they are easier to handle for carving. 

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Their color range from golden yellow to dark cognac amber jewelry is just beautiful. Just watch this carved amber Buddha pendants.

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It is an attraction for people since ancient times because of the pretty color and the inclusions. 

Some are collecting it since the Stone-Age and maybe even before, it was mostly used for pendants and ornaments at that remote time. It also had some use in medicine and as a fragrance. Because the stones show a frozen instant in time they also have an attraction to archaeologists and geologist and not only to them.

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Amber jewelry is also available in blue green and red color although they are difficult to find when you go shopping for something special this is definitely the right direction. Although Myanmar (Burma) is a newcomer in this business they have plenty of experience to handle this organic stones because they do the same since centuries with jade jewelry. Actually, both stones come from the same region which is the Kachin state in the north of the country.

Newly on the market are gorgeous Buddha statues with golden colors and fine carvings in the best tradition of beautiful jade items.

The price range for fossil amber jewelry such as pendants, bracelets, necklaces, rings, and earrings is rather wide and for sure nothing cheap is included except some small random formed stones available as loose cabochons similar to ruby and sapphire. When buying the beauties in Yangon Bogyoke Market it is always possible to squeeze out discount but make sure to get an official invoice otherwise custom make problems when leaving the country.Although the material is not as hard as some inorganic gemstones they are heavily used because they look beautiful especially when a good designer did the job. Because of the fossils often included the material has a very special "twist". This raw amber chunks are found in southeast Asia Myanmar's Kachin State in about the same region they mine jadeite jade.

Most of the bracelets & wrist-lets have a dual color usually brown and gold also known as "cognac". Although they are not cheap they are fascinating, it needs to keep in mind that this is a very attractive organic material. It might be a couple of million years old but that makes it even more attractive as fossil amber stones.

During Russian communist time, some state monopolies made a good business luckily this mad one are not here anymore. Today this is an open business and a lot of creative handicraft worker in the Baltic States make some money with it, among the most sought after are bracelets and pendants.

The ornaments and jewelry have a somehow rustic appearance like wood when not looking to close. But they are beautiful pieces of Amber.
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About Fossil Amber Jewelry, they have a new, good and somehow cool image. Especially the younger crowd loves it this has probably also to do because it is an organic material although it is usually a couple of million years old, it’s just pretty. The other positive reason is most smaller things are far below $ 50, - means no much thinking about or looting the wallet.