Black Jade Bangles and Bracelets

Jade Jewelry in black.

Actually this are not only black jadeite jade bangles and bracelets, there is also a "macho" trend with black jadeite pendants showing fine carvings of Chinese warriors and dragons.

Jade bracelets are some of the oldest and most popular pieces of jewelry they were already worn by the old Chinese around 6000 years ago as findings in ancient tombs indicate. At that time it was the green nephrite version today we write about the black Myanmar jade version. There are not many black jade sources and sometimes it's only a very dark green. The idea is always the same to adorn the body but the little problem was and is jade nephrite and jadeite it one of toughest material found on earth almost as hard as s diamond so how to handle the stone? It's not easy at all and they were only decorative.

Jade bangles and bracelets are worn by both men and women actually the black color is preferred by men. The Chinese has a dual use for jade jewelry as a body decoration and a spiritual to ward off bad luck and evil spirits. Many well-to-do Chinese were entombed with their most valuable bracelets bangles and other jewelry..

Naturally because of the value of certain black jade bracelets it also can indicate status and rank. Together with pendants earrings and fingerings this little pieces of body decoration  remains the most popular and accessible accessories people wear every day even men feel comfortable wearing them.

Black Jade Bangles

Bangles are bracelet in solid form and often worn in pairs or groups mainly by women. Black jade jewelry is very durable and versatile just considering this is one of the toughest material on earth. The bracelet add an elegant touch to any outfit.