Black Jade Beads & Balls

Black is a trendy jade jewelry color

Jadeite jade with black color big and small with various shapes and forms some are a bit more gray and silver. Since this are all natural stones there is no manipulation the colors are being kept as they are.

Pieces with irregular contour are getting often a bit bulky but that is "ethnic jewelry" after all. They are mixed with white pearls and other natural materials such as mother of pearl, maybe some beautiful corals or some bigger smooth sapphire cabochons or any other. Here are some more pictures from Bogyoke Aung San Market in Yangon Myanmar.

When browsing through the biggest gemstone bazaar in South East Asia this colorful little things are dominant. Currently (2015) the market is overrun by Chinese and Thai shopper, mainly women of all age.

Black gemstone beads in abundance

with different contours in saturated black

Pretty black and white balls bracelet at Bogyoke Market Yangon

These little round things are not just beautiful stones they have a number of other properties which makes people buying them. Beside of the simple beauty it’s the metaphysical ideas especially Chinese people are interpreting into such as health and protection against misfortune and accidents. 

beads colors available for sale

colorful beads and balls necklaces

beads and balls necklaces from Bogyoke Market Yangon

Looking for extravagant jewelry? Try black jadeite.

The most common form are round and places on the wrist. Since it is not much used yet it could be a new fashionable novelty with a good value.

black beads balls and spheres plus some pendants