Black Jade Jewelry

Black jade jewelry pendants necklaces & beaded chains.

The black jade variant of jewelry is not so famous since it was very rare in the past and the quality was not so good because finally it always consisted of dark green jade-stones. The turning point was when Myanmar's real black jadeite came to market it appears that people like it rough & pure  

One of the reason is that gemstone is real black and most is not interrupted with green veins as most of "Batu Black Jade" is. Black jade pendants with warrior carvings are the ultimate macho jewelry and it appears not bad 

Black jade jewelry

Black jade beaded chain and other colors

Black Jade Ball Bracelets in a Bogyoke Market shop
Black jade cabochons and other small items

Beaded black jade jewelry in a Bogyoke Market Shop

Actually there is no better place for jadeite wholesale jewelry since as the  Bogyoke Market Shops in Yangon are front-ends for some mines in Kachin State of the north. Which is a very rough terrain controlled by Chinese drug-lords who keep their private army. 

Also some rich guys from Yangon who have mines there are behaving quite scrupulous to the local people, they make a fortune with stones and leave nothing for the locals. Naturally they don't like that, most Chinese are not social minded at all. The ideology is avarice in all versions.    

Black jade pendant made in Myanmar

Black jade beads necklace

Beaded necklace from black jade with mother of pearl pendant

Searching for a masculine version of jade

In particular some pretty pendants are available with artistic carvings they are mainly bought by men and the black ball bracelets by women who want to make a statement. This pieces of jadeite wont come cheap but it is an exquisite jewelry.

black jade pendant with carved warrior

black pendants and some other with green color

black jade bangle among other