Black Jade Pendants

Black jade jewelry has a positive macho image.

That is one of the reasons why black jade pendant carvings mostly show warriors, wild beasts and other in this direction. 

Black jade pendant

  • Black Jewelry is always attractive mysterious and not so high priced but definitely trendy.  
  • Black jadeite is the top raw material these days.
  • Black Jade Rings have a great aura and typical men jewelry.
  • Raw Black Jade is not so easy to find because most have some impurities of other colors.
  • Necklaces are elegant and look even better with a matching pendant.

The jewelry is fascinating and a sure "eye catcher". It is not cheap jade stuff, comes for well over thousand dollars but sales people at Bogyoke Market in Yangon Myanmar are flexible on prices. but deliver good carved pendants.

There are plenty of different sorts of material for pendant jewelry but one of the most interesting is black jade with a pretty carving maybe a dragon or Buddha statue also popular are Chinese warriors , which appeal to lots of people and somehow are very impressive when handcrafted into jade or in obsidian which is  a similar stone as visible on the picture left.

If you buy a jade jadeite pendant make sure you have a look outside the shop to see the real color since most black stone jade material is dark green and not really black and usual with the interior lighting of a jewelry shop this appear black, actually that's the reason why many shops have lambs with a special light wavelength installed to make the color perfect. 

Choosing a jade pendant.

Choosing a pendant is not so easy because 3 parameter are to be carefully selected that's the jade color, if black is needed  it could be interesting to take a deep saturated obsidian which is quite similar styles choose from is important and the size. Jade pendants are usually inexpensive but beautiful here are some of the most attractive choices check it out for an interesting design.

black jadeite pendant with mythical carvings
Mystic Black Buddha Pendant with a marvelous carving


  1. The jewellery here is so different, I have hardly seen black themed jewellery elsewhere. Thanks for sharing

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