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A special stone is black jadeite jade.

Most black jade stone is used for jewelry and there it's a pendant people prefer actually, the carving is often real artwork. Black is a rather rare color of the "stone of heaven" and gained some importance and popularity in Indonesia as "Aceh Black Jade".

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Looking a bit closer to "Aceh Black Jade" it becomes clear that it is rather a very dark green color only Myanmar (Burmese) black jadeite is totally dark.
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Anyway jade and black sounds always good and after some clever Chinese marketing they moved the image into the macho direction with pretty carvings of dragons and warriors. 

That way promoted as a men's jewelry still was nephrite which changed when the real black jadeite jade from Myanmar hit the market and that  mystic stone with a high amount of graphite as well as iron oxide which turns the "not so black into real black".

Black jade jewelry.

It appears that the only pure black jade today is Myanmar jadeite and that is the main reason why prices for genuine material are quite high. Within Chinese cosmology black jade symbolizes protection from negative influence and it is said it also helps to control negative situations.

The themes are mythical dragons and all kind of Buddha carvings plus Chinese Taoism ideas. 

Although it is inspiring creatively the prices are definitely affordable this version of the jade stone only occurs when a high amount of iron oxide and graphite was available when nature created the stone, the presence of both resulted into that totally dark color.
  • Beads are sought after for necklaces and bracelets.
  • Jewelry is always attractive mysterious and not so high priced but definitely trendy.  
  • Jadeite is the best material for jewelry in the color range.
  • Rings have some distinctive difference mainly in styling. 
  • Green Jade Pendants are probably the most sought after
  • Pendants have often fascinating carvings. 
  • Raw Black Jade is the stuff where all comes from.
  • Necklaces are mostly mixed with other material especially pendants.
  • The search is always on for natural black jadeite.
  • Black Jade Bangles

For many people black symbolizes the power of protection. 

In physical and mental terms, but as usual, there is no evidence, its imagination. Some say it instills the emotions of calm and serenity in the person who wears the object. There are many myths on various colors and black is a magnificent example of a magical jewelry color that this stone can hold. People usually wear it as pendants and bracelets.

Pieces of black Myanmar jadeite jade rocks

Here are raw black jadeite variants pieces of the gemstone where dark lines or spots are running through. The totally dark color show somehow the variety of the mineral because between here and white everything is available, read more.
Variants of black in jade stones

Pendants and bangles plus earrings including beads are the most popular Myanmar black jade jewelry.

Black beads and balls are attractive as wrist decorations and chains. Jadeite becomes also more attractive as filler material for other stuff such as ethnic jewelry since it blends well with almost any color even with white where there is a strong contrast, read more.

A picture of black jade beads cabochons and other shapes

Black jade beads jewelry

Black jade beaded jewelry ball chains

About beautiful Jewelry made from the black stone often together with other materials such as mother of pearl as shown in the picture. Ball chains are popular too as shown above, with jadeite you can be sure to buy a lasting item since the mineral is almost as hard as diamonds. That's the reason why it had a wide use until a few hundred years ago, read more.
Beads pearls & corals necklaces

beaded black jade jewelry from various semi precious stones

The necklace shop at Bogyoke Market Yangon Myanmar

Jade balls are also sold in quantities and blended with black stones from other material also as beads since they look good and are very durable because the mineral is only slightly less hard than diamonds. This is also one of the reasons why still today they find spheres and items such as knives and lance tops in burial sites in China but that is mostly of green color.

raw jadeite colors and stones

About Indonesian Batu Black and other jade stones.

Black jade was until recently almost exclusive mined in Indonesia where they call is "Batu Black Jade" but there is a similar jadeite material coming to the market. That even has a better quality since the hue is more saturated and real dark.

A picture of raw batu black jade rocks

Often some veins of other colors run through the stone. It shows the skills of the artist when he is able to integrate this meaningful into a sculpture. We have included many pictures of attractive black jade to get a better idea. Many variants of this type are available this color is also used for cabochons mainly set in rings. Currently, the most famous version is "Batu Black Jade". It looks as if people don't know that there are other sources.

black jade stones including cabochons with different sizes and shapes

Bracelets for sale at Bogjoke Market in black and green jadeite

Bracelets for sale at Bogyoke Market, this bazaar right in the city center is one of the premier jade shopping center in Asia for black stones and jewelry. It's really amazing what is available all made from precious stones, read more

The appearance of Burmese black jade was only in the last decade so most people just didn't know about but the fact is that their jade is jadeite of the highest quality which can't be found elsewhere on the globe. Especially the saturation into total black is very rare usually, there are always some dark green spots somewhere. Which lead to a boom in Myanmar jadeite of that color for its exceptional purity.

Healing and metaphysical properties are mainly superstitious.

Until now there was never any evidence by a long run study on a real scientific level that jadeite jade has any real of the above-indicated parameter. 

It's just like religion if you believe in it which mainly is a process in your head it might be some results otherwise, there is nothing. 

Actually, there is something but that is people make money with superstition. Maybe the most interesting creations are bigger carvings where the craftsmen have to combine several hues since jadeite is often not uniform in appearance. Since this is not visible from outside it can be a challenge to make a pretty composition. 

Just have a look at this image below it tells much more. In the past Batu Black Jade found in Aceh Province in Indonesia had an almost monopoly on the mineral with that color but the quality of the Myanmar material speak for itself. 

White and black jadeite sculpture

Black Jade meaning is mainly a macho expression.

Black jade pendant with carved Buddha image
Black pendant has a macho image for sure. That is also the reason why mostly warriors, dragons, and similar carvings are made out pf them. But whatever it looks good and everyone likes it. In the past, they were mainly focused on green and white since women were the main buyer but time is changing, read more.

Rough black jade rock and other colors

Rough black jade rocks amazing pieces of nature. Showing that stones are not boring at all they come in many colors and for many purposes among them the whole range of jewelry and ornaments, buy jade, it's worth it.


  1. What about a pretty black pendant?

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  3. If you want to see Black Jade from indonesia , you can try give light and you will be look green color . Black is basic color . But , if you give light then you see green color .

    1. I dont know about Indonesia but if you try Myanmar black jadeite it's mostly real black no way to get a different color with the lamp.

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    3. I own a company in Guatemala We specialize in jadeite jade.
      I have both types of black jade, a pure black and a black that changes to a dark green with light.
      I any body is interested my email is

    4. Hpakant jadeitite area, Myanmar is identified as jadeitized rodingite. Is available but in Yangon it needs some search maybe gem museum / bogyoke market

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