Buy Jade Shopping and Business

Shopping for jadeite jade. 

Since this is a somehow “sacred stone” to Chinese people and of course some beautiful jewelry is made from the market is booming now but people prefer the jadeite jade version because colors are more intense and textures smoother. 

New jade jewelry shops with special lighting are created to lure the buyers in particular high end in shopping centers do this tricks to get the goods to the people and money into the pocket of the sellers. Now this is a virtual shop to make the experience for you even better. 

Simple Green Jade Pendants

The sales lady below right works in a jadeite-jade shop in Yangon's Bogyoke Market one of the most interesting jade bazaar in south east Asia in a rather conservative styled environment. Sales shops in Hong Kong Singapore and Taiwan are full with novelties from Chinese factories and styled more modern and sophisticated but also the items are more expensive. 

The high end jewelry shops with precious jade-jadeite for sale such as bangles pendants necklaces carved items ornaments sculptures and other are full with flashy deals. Be careful shopping for jade is a risky business if you are not an expert to compensate this consult one when buying jewelries or sculptures in the high end region. A good idea is for sure the check the offers here for instance when jade bangles and bracelets are on the wish list. 

pieces of rough jadeite jade
Pieces of rough jadeite
Jade seller at Bogyoke Market Yangon

Purchase the green stone rough, as jewelry or sculptures better today than tomorrow since prices are rising rapidly. 

Some time ago the Burmese government made a big deal with some Chinese buyers, they sold them rocks and boulders of dozens of tons for over hundred million dollars, read more.

Rough Jade boulder
rough green jade boulder

Since the buyer paid cash the foreign exchange market in Yangon was flooded with dollars and the local currency, the kyat, saw a steep increase of value (around 30%). After the country had a big problem because all export goods are extremely high priced, even marine products a mayor earner of foreign currency is hard to sell because too expensive, it's real strange what jade prices can trigger.

buying pendants with great colors
purchasing and colors

The color is always one of top criteria.

Since the highest prices are asked for imperial deep green with a excellent amount of translucency. For instance for a bangle where this two parameters are top, a price of about $ 4000,- can be fetched easily and not only at a shop in Yangon’s Bogyoke market but even higher in Hong Kong, Singapore and elsewhere where Chinese people live. 

Now where to buy jade in Singapore?  

lavalier jade shop singapore sands casino mall
Lavalier jade shop Singapore sands casino mall
Answer: At the Sands Casino Shopping Mall at Marina Bay several luxury stores have opened, all offering high end items. Try Lavalier, it seems that they have real genuine stuff, it's expensive but it's good. This is a very important thing considering all the cheating going on around the green stones. 

plenty of different colored jewelry

There is a wide spectrum of different colors such as white, green, yellow, brown, black, green, purple and all variants in between. All have one common factor determine the value this is how strong is the translucency; other are texture and are there cracks. It needs to look very careful with a strong lens to find tiny cracks. 

translucent white Buddha pendant for sale
translucent imperial green Buddha pendant for sale

Often they are filled with raisins and other material under high pressure by unscrupulous dealers and they won’t tell this. The item looks gorgeous in the first two to three years and deteriorates after which untreated natural mineral won’t.

Jewelry stores offer sculptures and body decoration.

To express beauty and style, the structure and color composition should be balanced and density plus structural organization of the material is crucial, there are plenty of parameters to take into consideration when buying high price jade items it is advisable to contact an independent lab for evaluation when the item is over about $ 500,-