Fake Jade Jewelry

About Fake Jade Jewelry.

Be aware that many crooks manipulate ugly jade stone and fake minerals to make them look good as jewelry they call it enhancements and after a while the improvements disappears and your pretty piece is what it was before just a low quality stone you can throw away

Chinese dealers and producers have a long history and lots of knowledge how to treat a piece of fake jadeite jade to look good.

Another typical trick is to take a bad piece of jade that has practically no value anymore and fill in the cracks with resin now with minimal investment a beautiful bracelet or bangle "conjure up" out of a stone that should have ended up in the rubbish. So this leads to the first step on a jade price when buying a higher valued piece of a jade stone take at least a 10 x  magnifying glass with you and inspect the "piece of desire". The reason is after two or 3 years the resin will be gone and a ugly stone will be left. 

Another procedure is to put the bad piece for about 2-3 days in an acid bath in this time window jade gets partially transparent and gets a slight shimmer. Since often jade has a natural transparency but the customer does not is this normal here or not.

However when a buyer wants to sell the good piece after sometimes it will that "come to light" because there are measuring instruments to prove this etc. Another case I wanted to buy some time ago in Mae Sot in Thailand some jade eggs and the man in the shop sold me specifically treated marble because the prices were rather low and I did not have any instruments with me I tried it good luck and got crappy as a general rule be extremely careful in Thailand were the people are extremely dishonest. 

Mae Sot (Thailand) and Myawaddy (Myanmar) is the bigger border area between the two country they have a bus connection to Yangon from here which start in Bangkok but it needs a visa and makes the whole travel complicated.

Be especially vigilant with white jade which is very often marble or a derivative of it to handle the fakes use this special UV fake detection lamp. For other tips and tricks just browse our website and you will discover the “pretty thing” just you like and the very good news is here you find items which are of high-end appearance and low-end priced that’s not a joke.

It come because the goods in the Amazon ads are good ones because they have a real purchasing power to buy in bulk and achieve low prices which are passed to you the customer.