Green Jade Cabochon Rings

Green Cabochon Jade ring.

Most jade rings for men are with a cabochon design in various forms they are green but some a black white or lavender jewelry can be spotted and it won't look bad at all although most are oval cabochon rings made from green jade. Actually jadeite jade is becoming more popular since the colors of jadeite are more bright and intense.

High quality jade is usually jadeite an aluminum and sodium rich pyroxene and nephrite is made from magnesium and calcium. It is also know as Chinese jade which is nephrite and Burmese jadeite which is harder with more vivid color spectrum , making it easier to shape and polish. 

Jade Cabochon Rings

Most jade jewelry is made from nephrite since it is easy to find although the Chinese mines (actually Turkestan mines are already exhausted. Today the top quality is jadeite mined in Myanmar's Kachin State. Jadeite jade cabochon rings are popular these because they are brighter and are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, not only in oval and silver setting which make them fitting many creative ideas. On top of it several other jade colors such as white black yellow and red give them a interesting spectrum of artistic ideas.

Most people who wear them do this because of the metaphysics properties of jade and jadeite protection and positive influence on health. Rings and pendants are easy available and not as expensive because there is not high value setting material. 

Creating hand-made jadeite jade jewelry size wont matter much in particular with finger rings and earrings since the polished stones are rather small anyway a relation to pricing come into when e.g. some beautiful translucent ice jade is used which could be offset with a pretty sterling silver setting.

Attractive green oval jade cabochon finger-ring.

Jade is also used as birthstone made from  jadeite and sometimes also as women rings but less as fashion items which finally give access to a myriad of ring sizes including 14k & 18k  gold rings, often plated, very interesting are also sterling silver rings. When buying cabochons many ring size choices are available because of different sizes, colors and shapes and types of green jade stones, most bought are bulk lots of cabochons and pearls making buying of wholesale cabochons a volume business.

Beside of the rings there are pretty pendants as seen at the left and naturally jade bracelets necklaces bangles and more. Jade is a very interesting mineral which is used for many purposes. In China they even found a ancient tomb with a lady dressed in jade plates which have been fixed together with silver wires. 

Green Jade Cabochon Rings in silver and gold setting
Green and white Jadeite Cabochon Rings

Often the cabochons have carvings of mythical patterns small Buddha relief or are paired with diamonds to get some glitter. People also like them paired with other semi-precious stones to have it shine a bit more.
Dark Green Jade Cabochon Rings in silver  and white gold setting

The ultimate ring is for sure a jadeite version

This pretty piece of adornment and superstition has millions follower of fashion in East Asia and particular in China, jade is the biggest jewelry business there. That has a reason just have a look at the pictures.
elegant jadeite cabochon rings in gold setting

Here are some more green cabochon rings which actually are the most widely used version. Chinese people interpret cultural and health ideas into the green stone plus success & fortune for the wearer. 

Other fine examples of cabochon rings are the ruby and sapphire version some even have a six and 12 point star appear when a flashlight is directed to them. The internal structure of the mineral reflects the light that way.