Guangzhou Jadeite Jade Jewelry Market

Jadeite is imported from Myanmar (Burma).

Chinese people demand high quality jade by any means in terms of texture and color that’s the way it goes. There are many polishing and manufacturing centers but they are mainly for nephrite which is known as “Chinese Jade".

Actually the real dealing in the green stone is going on in Guangzhou with Hualin Jade Street as the center where dozens of jadeite dealers congregate every day in shops and roadside to make some business.

Guangzhou Jadeite Jade Jewelry Market at Hualin Street

It’s somehow similar to Mae Sot but at the border to Thailand on a much smaller scale.

Jade shopping at Bogyoke Market in Yangon

The reason is simple, China's booming economy supplies the people with money and the want to spend it, in this case on a almost sacred stone which has a long history in the country. 

plenty of jade Buddhas available in different colors and sizes

In the past jade was not available for the commoners but now it is and there is a gigantic backlog for gemstones jewelries and other luxury items. There are not only local people doing buy and sell jadeite also oversees companies move into the market. This is also a bit similar to Chanthaburi Chanthaburi in Thailand south of Pattaya where they do the same with colored gemstones such as ruby, sapphires and similar, they also come from Myanmar (Burma) but are usually smuggled in. But one of the largest jade market is still the USA because of the Chinese people living there.

jade jewelry earrings

Demand for jadeite jewelry is soaring.

China with such a lot of people is at the forefront on buying them, since domestic mines are almost depleted it’s on now with imported stuff. Since the standard of living is substantially improving manufacturing come with new design to get their share of the boom. 

It slowly becomes a matter of fashion driven by the fact that jadeite is available in many colors which nephrite is not and Hualin Jade Street is the center of it. It is not easy to attract the new breed of fashion-conscious customers since the people who can spend substantial money they also can travel to Hong-Kong for shopping where the jewels of the whole world are offloaded. 

Fresh designs and sophisticated jade novelties. 

That's the tactic to drain customers wallet, today they want new, luxurious and fashionable things to wear and here they get. It also become more diversified e.g. into jewelry with diamonds for a real sparkling. 

high end jade jewelry novelty in green and gold
ball bracelets and colors available

Sales in shops are boosted and the buyer still demand more that’s the main reason why diamonds are used to be paired with jade. As it is everywhere old and young clients want different products but the first go more traditional and the second like it flashy with a price for.

They have a good price strategy to cover the whole cost spectrum there several high end jade shops. But all this together is no match to Bogyoke Market in Yangon.

High end jade jewelry

and other target the other segments. The up market is clearly focused on older people since it is more conservative. Actually this is a diffuse focus only since the taste of customers are in a very broad spectrum and everyone should be able to get what they want. Anyway fascination jewelry is out there, just get to Hualin Street and buy jade, this will definitely be good for you and boost your and maybe someone else mood.

Many other stores are targeting the low end this are usually fashion items and novelties for the younger crowd who cant afford or just don't want the expensive jadeite.

Jade jewelry

Low end jade jewelry such as beaded chains
High end laughing jadeite Buddha

That’s the reason why for low end products more nephrite is used bringing lower cost. In general shops focus on the domestic market there are really enough people around with purchasing power common range is between $ 500,- and 100.000,-


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