Is it genuine Jade

Genuine jade?

Genuine jadeite jade is not as easy since fake jade is plenty it is treated by bleaching and cracks are filled with resin. Even experienced persons can be tricked it needs some tools to find out.  

A good start is a 10 times magnifying lens and a black light torch lamp because most filled cracks can be seen using this two tools that are a first test for authenticity determine bleaching is a bit more difficult to figure out on the other hand there are several other stone varieties looking very similar to jade such as aventurine.

Is it genuine jade.

raw genuine jade

A simple but difficult question to determine for the non-specialist is it jadeite or nephrite which is important because there could immediately be a big price difference. When buying you don’t have a spectroscope or an X-ray diffraction analyzer. Rather new tools are UV flashlights (follow the link above). 
  • The specific real jade gravity.
To detect the specific gravity needs plenty of expertise which tells is the material the right and pure or maybe another mineral since there are some which look very similar and have a much lower value.

A jade expert checking the genuine stone with the UV lamp and naked eye

It is not always possible to test a carving before its purchase especially on auctions in this case the seller should agree to accept results of later testing or consult a laboratory together with the seller. It needs to do some work before buying and done trust anyone they only want your money!

  • About pure Jade colors and qualities.

Jade Buddha are the most common statues made from the gemstone they are usually white. White Jade stands for purity this is one of the reasons why most Buddha Statues are made from. Although when buying one of the white statues be very careful because most of them are specially treated marble. To overcome this problem a little use a flashlight preferably an UV and try if you you can penetrate the stone a bit with the light as the specialist in the photo above tries. Jade is a very tricky stone and invites to cheat. The low grade jade is nephrite

About jade in general to get familiar with some common parameters. 

genuine jade colors

Good saturated and bright green jade colors are the most common and fetch the highest prices also called Imperial.
Jade Bangle Bracelet are the second most popular jewelry item made from the green stone.
Carved Pendants are rather sophisticated pieces often with a sitting Buddha on top.
Necklaces are the pretty things women like popular is paired with diamonds.
Rings are also very sought after either carved from a solid block or as a cabochon in a white gold or silver setting.
Rough jadeite gemstones blocks ranged from a small 2 kg rock of a remarkable deep green priced at about US$300,000 to a two-ton boulder of light green imperial jade-lined with dark green veins at a reserve price of US$180,000.

Jade stones mean rocks, boulders, and pebbles from the river. This pieces of jadeite and nephrite are found from sizes of a few millimeters up to several meters. When they are extracted they look not much special but after the right treatment, cutting and an artist working on it can become a very valuable piece of gemstone or decorative object. There are several mining areas in Kachin State one is at Hpakant which is already in the "war zone" and most business can only be done with the protection of the military which makes plenty of money with safeguarding boulder extraction.

Buy Pure & Genuine Jade.

When buying jade you need two tools as shown in the pics above which means a 10x magnifying glass to see if they want to fool you with plastic and a UV torch lamp to detect resin polymer or dye effects they injected in the beautiful jade jewelry you want to buy. Understand Chinese jade dealers have a large repertoire to cheat they do this since about six millenniums which means there was a lot of time to think about.

The genuine material consists of two variants, one is jadeite and the other is nephrite and both are available in a wide color spectrum most popular is green. It’s sometimes difficult to figure what is a fake and what is real, means people get cheated by dishonest dealers.

Genuine Myanmar green Buddha pendant
Genuine green jade rings

Jade rings > set white gold.

The problem is not even just between this two, it is also between natural and treated gemstone. For a normal buyers eye, it is impossible to see what an "enhanced" item is. There are many other stones with green color either complete or partial.

It needs to check a few parameter before putting “money on the table”. There are a number of methods to find out if the stone is authentic or not.

imperial jade pendant

Pretty and expensive pendant

Holding it against the light, if there is a fibrous intertwining structure the material could be real. This is a high-density gemstone, weighing around 3.3 and nephrite about 2.95 in density.

Nephrite Boulder

pieces of rough jadeite

When banging a material against a verified one it should somehow sound as it is like against a stone if the sound is more like plastic it’s a fake. The real one should feel smooth, cool and soft somehow similar to a new soap, when taking it into the hand for a while it should warm up slightly if so the chance having the pure mineral in the hand is very high.

necklace made from green stone and diamonds
bangles made from the pure stuff

When buying a genuine & expensive jade stone.

Getting one let’s say over $ 1000,- make the seller agree to have it examined by an expert. Usually an independent lab, they have this lab in many big cities such as Bangkok, Hong Kong Yangon - Myanmar >Singapore, Kuala Lumpur etc.

Kuala Lumpur jade shop at central market

Shop at central market KL

Singapore jade shop Lavalier at Sands Casino mall

Lavalier shop at Sands Casino Singapore >

The best version is called imperial jade which is the highest priced on the globe, it simply looks good. Myanmar produces jadeite, in China, Australian, British Columbia and elsewhere they produce nephrite, other semi-precious stones can look like the real green stone this is Aventine quartz serpentine corals turquoise chrysocolla malachite, some variants of agate, opaque dolomite marble. It is obvious that there are a number of traps someone can step into when not being careful when buying raw jade or jewelry.

genuine myanmar jadeite and more