Jade Art

Jade Art is decorative with many facets

Jade objects are well known as collectibles and jewelry some with an ancient background are often seen at auctions in Hong Kong they have mythical parameters and high prices are paid for it.

Jade is always associated with China as the "Stone of Heaven" where it has been known for over 6000 years. The ancient Chinese called it yu as a "living stone" and for long time it was used as a art object for decoration big and small. Around the beginning of 20th century big jade art objects joined decorative jewelry. The most valuable is imperial green jade and the more transparent and shiny the stone is the higher is the price. 

Today most high end is jadeite the former know as Chinese Jade is nephrite

Nephrite is a bit softer and also know as celadon jade today most come from Canada and jadeite from Myanmar the former Burma also known as Burmese Jade.

What are the basics of jade art?

Naturally the beauty of the raw stone and the texture color and cleanliness of the piece. Additional factors are hardness and of course the workmanship such as who is the artist who created it and the quality of the carving.  Further has it some historical significance and maybe what is the owner interpreting it into? Has it any significance in historical terms and what could make the object unique? Just watch this Jade Buddha piece of art to the left isn't it beautiful? 

jade Buddha artwork
shopping for jade art in KL