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Jade Bangles Jewelry

Jade bangles and bracelets are the most common jewelry made from the green stone pendants probably are second in the row

Just by looking at a simple one it is possible to see all the volatility and difficulty of the market in general. It is possible to buy pretty ones at a shop in Yangon Myanmar Bogyoke Market one of the main sources of this jewelry for about $ 10,- and more.

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This is a genuine piece of jadeite nicely cut, not carved but polished and not treated. What it doesn't have is translucency and a real exquisite texture and color and this is where the exponential price rise starts.
Jade bangle colors available:

If the jade has a good translucency and maybe the right imperial green it might be immediately exponentially more expensive and we don't talk about treated items which are very common.

Enhancing the Jade Bangle?
How do the treat the jade bangle trying to sell it for a higher price? 

They add all kind of chemicals and resins under very high pressure and apply a bleaching bath to get the required look and texture.

Best properties and highest prices are emerald green jewelry also known as imperial jade with a excellent clarity pretty texture no cracks and a good amount of translucency actually the better the transparency the higher the price. They come in various colors such as white lavender brown pink and purple but the most sold items are always green and mixed.

Jade Bangles lavender and green
Jade Bangles Green and Lavender (1)

If you found a nice dress and great shoes, what’s missing?

Yes, a great bangle or bracelet! This could be just the right piece of jewelry to make your outfit look gorgeous, they having just the right size to being noticed, they are not small such as earrings or simple finger rings and having the right color and shine it complements perfect any dress. It won’t look overdone as with a diamond necklace and is reasonably priced, great items are available from around $ 20,- up to over $ 5000,- all natural, no fuss, no tricks, no manipulations (this subjects must be worked through carefully when buying) they are positioned at one of the most visible parts of a women, the wrist. This will put the
spotlight on your wrist it’s a classic eye catcher. Since this pieces are available in almost any color its easy to make them match. These are usually simple and straight forward in design, some manufacturers offer them with some, usually, white gold add on to enhance the light reflection.

Some are beautifully carved bangles with various motifs to give a special touch. Gorgeous pieces look to pull themselves, it's rather casual, but it looks great and maybe as the Chinese tell it brings luck whenever it’s on your body but for this there is no guaranty that's a matter of believe some call it superstition.
Since this ideas are with peoples since very long time it might be help just by believing it, actually this jewels are sometimes also worn for health reason. Cheap bangles are also at the market along the main street at Mae Sot Thailand where everyday the people show the materials they smuggled into and there are quite some pretty pieces laying around.

Checking them to avoid fake jade and manipulation.

Checking them to avoid fake jade and manipulation could be done with a simple torchlight and a high level of experience there is no way to play games with the guy, he really tells exactly what's on.

The most popular is a green and lavender colored jewelry plus white items. All come as carved or simply polished, as pendants, amulets, rings, earrings etc. The pendants are often carved Buddha's. The real good quality is also called imperial. jade. Chinese are masters in carving they are expert and mostly work in shifts, 24 hours and still it takes sometimes more than a years to finish one piece of a sophisticated item.

For centuries methods to create this and other jewelry have been unchanged. They actually are not carved, the method is rather drilling and grinding.

Boulders are somewhere extracted (usually quality stones comes from northern Myanmar this days) from maybe 10 or 20m depth in the earth and are cut into pieces. From this point the methods to create the final object depends on the form of the object.

If its a real exquisite piece and everything fits it can fetch a higher price as a pure gold item of similar size. Another reason why it could be very high priced is the fact that Chinese people interpret certain supernatural power into the stone in this case the raw material, finally it's not supernatural, defined as a "living stone" but superstition just brewed together.
All this shows that there is a strange aura around jadeite even until present days and this is one of the reasons why people buy it.

Quality of most items is excellent, having a honey-like transparency or translucency, watery luster and smooth finish. This is definitely one of the most popular body decoration item in Asia. It looks attractive comes in many colors is exceptional hard and has a mythical aura built up over several thousand years. This variety makes it sure to find just the right for you fitting any fashion style. With bigger artworks it also depends who made it since there are famous artists in creating the pieces just like we have famous painters and similar. It can be very decorative also in the house not only as body decoration.

When buying a bangle or bracelet.

Buying a bangle or bracelet it is very important to check that it fits well and has no hard edges which can scratch or even rub the skin uncomfortably. When buying at a shop there is no problem since you can try it first, when buying them on the internet make a small model by just cutting the form with the right dimension out of paper or better cardboard and see if that measurements fit you.

Important is always the inside diameter and be careful when measuring because the wrist at the left has usually slightly different measurements than at the right side. After finding the dimensions have a look for the quality, color, translucency, texture and very important, check for cracks. If buying from the shop and the item is over lets they around $ 100,- take a strong torchlight and at least a 10 times magnifying glass with you to inspect the item optically, when buying over around thousand dollar take a consultant with who is experienced since there are too many tricks and cheating which you as a simple buy simply won’t notice, it’s too easy to lose quite a lot of money when you don’t have experience with the subject.

That’s one the reasons which makes it difficult to buy such things over a internet shop because it’s absolute impossible to figure that out from a photo on the screen. On top of it those pictures are usually enhanced with a picture manipulation program where it is possible to change all parameter for jade bracelets from clarity to transparence and color.

Jade Bangle Price.

This days shop sales people will tell the price will rise over time which is not true, why should be a rise? There is a lot of natural minerals out there, every month they discover some new deposits of Burmese gemstones.Lesser quality which is nephrite with proven deposits in China, New Zealand, USA, Canada etc. are rather large and they find a lot of new stone and boulders after the Chinese started a research and exploration program at some places at the fringes of the Taklimakan desert, they already found a lot new deposits in recent times. The thing should really be the quality to be focused on and forget all other things people tell to push up prices. 

Jade bangle colors available:
Purple jade bangle
Multi color jade bangle
highquality jade bangle
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Myanmar jade bangle
Solid white jade bangle

imperial jade bangle

Jadeite jade is probably also best expressed by earrings and Buddha pendants. Of course there are others but that gets expensive then. If there is enough cash for some real great artwork get a carved Buddha, that's a real eye catcher in every house, not only optically but also with some mental background