Natural Gemstone Jade Beads

Gemstone beads with great colors 

They are very attractive jewelry shining on the body. The beads have been around for thousands of years for various purposes in these days mainly to make a body shine, usually paired with other materials and colors. 

In recent years the use of jadeite beads increased on a high rate that is is because of the richness of colors and the availability in many sizes when they are small they are beads, the bigger ones are cabochons.

Chinese People interpret more ideas into the mineral which makes them even more attractive. On top of they are very hard just a bit less to diamonds and corundum that means they are a lasting item in this quick world. The jadeite jade pictures here are from the Bogyoke Market in Yangon.

jade beads balls and other gems with different colors

Beaded jewelry means necklaces and bracelets.

Bigger cabochon version for rings and pendants are available superstitious Chinese wear the stone against misfortune and accidents and is extended to the colors of this piece of precious stone they think the stones have metaphysical and health properties as well.

Green jade ball necklace with matching pendant
Olive jade ball necklace new design

Today you'll find women wearing beautiful beaded jade jewelry, crafted and adapted to current trends. They are the right beauty decoration and the perfect accessory for any woman. If the object of desire is into the higher price range make sure the jade shop issue some kind of certificate or have it evaluated at an independent lab. 

Beaded jadeite chains in the yellow color spectrum

Beaded jadeite chains light green and different forms
Beaded jadeite chains new style

necklace detailwhite and green spheres

People love gemstone beads

They come in various sizes, forms and colors are made from jade, jadeite and other precious stones. Jade craftsmen make beautiful chains, bracelets, necklace and other jewelry from them. Since the stone is around for over 5000 years some metaphysical properties have been collected. The main idea beside of just some pretty body decoration is the suspicion to get some kind of protection for the wearer and other belief in some healing properties as well. But in general, gemstones are an ideal material for beards. 

Historically, the highest value of this stone is in China, where beads are made from Nephrite which is the lower quality of jade the other is jadeite mined in Myanmar only. Although they have some differences in physical parameter including crystal structures and hardness, color spectrum and textures they are quite similar.

attractive chain jewelry

Beaded Chains with great colors.

Smaller beads and balls have been part of jewelry creations for a very long time, actually, this were probably some of the first body adornment of mankind. Although there are many different spheres, such as plastic, made from gemstones, glass, and crystal. The jade version is special and creates different expressions, Probably one of the best for beaded materials used for jewelry.

Imperial jade ball chain made in Myanmar
Imperial jade ball chain in a Yangon shop

With today’s manufacturing capabilities there are many kinds of chains in different beaded versions available. Also, the surface and shapes are mostly perfect, only with ethnic jewelry, the shapes are often irregular.

Countless colors and sizes.

Only the sky is the limit of creativity for jewelry art. Beaded chains made from jadeite can be very elegant, most popular at the high end is classic style green imperial jade. Together with a matching pendant, it could be a perfect fit if it even shows some translucency prices also can rocketing to astronomical ranges. As it is with this mineral there is no real parameter for prices, it is quite difficult to find them out, it really depends on a certain piece are the uniformed batch.

The nephrite version.

Chinese work with the material for various applications and it is widely appreciated by them. If you want to buy them in real genuine and natural form be very careful since there are plenty of other materials which look like them but are not. On top of it, there is a whole industry, mainly in China which makes pretty stones out of bad ones by dying them and apply heat enhancement, they even press resins into cracks, after they last a few years and deteriorate.

If you want to get some sparkle and glitter into it needs diamonds, crystals (maybe Swarovski) or maybe just some polished glass. Since the often come in carved forms interesting jewelry can be made. There are lots of ideas on manufacturing this attractive mineral.
jade pearls in silver setting
pretty chains at a jade shop

Pretty chains in a jade shop including all colors and shapes of jadeite and if any metal is needed for settings usually silver is used gold is rarely together with ball chains because of the metal value.

The necklaces shown are from Myanmar (Burma) and are exported worldwide. In Thailand, they always tell that's locally made which is a lie. I saw identical ones to the above iChiang Mai at the night bazaar the other day, among other.

Ball bracelets
Beautiful ball bracelets with different colors

Fine ball bracelets from the Bogyoke Aung San Market in Yangon Myanmar which are very pretty and decorative what it even makes it more attractive are the different colors .