Jade Buddha Statues Laughing

Jade Buddha Sculptures Laughing.

The use of a Jade Buddha Statue is decorative and religious it represents peace and wealth that's one of the reasons its so popular they come in all variants and jade colors. 
jade Buddha pendant

Jade Buddha Statues.

A fascinating Buddha statue postulates the notions every human is after and that it can be found in this world no need to get to another one since that would be to late anyway so better laugh it "away".

Some people believe that the Laughing Jade Buddha Statues are modeled after an historical figure of a fat and smiling wandering Zen monk named Pu-tai. Over the centuries Buddhist notions of happiness based on your own achievement and enlightened insight are blended with popular life-ideals of happiness through prosperity you achieve by your own.

Laughing Jade Buddha Statue with ruby and gold dust
White Laughing Jade Buddha Statue sitting

The postures the Buddha statue show is always a derivative of mudras expressing love and compassion, prosperity, safe travel, happy home and a spiritual journey enjoying the good life!.

Jade Buddha Sitting

More sitting Jade Buddha with a mix of white and lavender color.

Pretty green Jade Buddha in various mudra postures.

Myanmar Style Sculpture sitting with a fine jadeite texture.

Chinese Style sitting statue made from nephrite jade.

Thai Style laughing sculpture made from light green jadeite.

Where laughing Buddha Statues are made? In many Buddhist countries.

 Buddha StatuesWhere to buy the Buddhas? 

Beautiful Buddha Statues to buy>.

E.g. the big belly which is a symbol of happiness and good luck. People believe that rubbing it brings positive times that are one of the reasons why in Feng Shui the Laughing Jade Buddha Statue is the premier  symbol of wealth and prosperity. Buddha Statues are some of the most decorative items one can place in a house this statues are real eye catcher let them laugh and the ambiance becomes perfect.  

Please note this is high grade A Jadeite Jade from Myanmar this is not nephrite from China or elsewhere

This marvelous creations could be a real highlight in every home and office just delivering the magical spiritual aura people like to adorn there places with.

White Buddha statues wont come cheap the pieces here are about 25 cm to 30 cm height and of magnificent artwork and quality made from exquisite Myanmar jadeite jade and laughing to make everyone happy.

Other sizes, styles and colors on request. This is no lower quality nephrite as they sell in China and elsewhere. When you hold this unique piece of art in your hand you will know whats up.   

Laughing White Jade Buddha sitting statue
Jade Buddha sitting white and lavender color
Thai Style Jade Buddha sitting

Buddha Statues Sizes.

Buddha Statues sizes up to about 40 cm high are standard any other size color or version can be made.

Jade Buddha Pendant GreenJade Buddha Pendant Green

Here are some more pictures of Buddha statues made from Burmese jadeite jade and they always have one expression in common they are laughing to radiate happiness  including pendants sculptures and figurines.

Quite affordable and beautiful carved items are available for reasonable prices.. With many of this items peace is the idea, sometimes a laughing Buddha or other statue is encrusted with gold and rubies to give a very special and expensive touch. The market is drifting to the high end since this is were the top demand is and considering the new purchasing power of Chinese people prices are rising.

jade pendant, maybe with a carving of  flower motives, dragons horses and mythical themes are available in every bigger city in Asia. Among them in Kuala Lumpur central market, in Singapore shops, many places in Bangkok and of course at Yangon Myanmar etc.. 

Jade Buddha Pendant Lavender ColorJade Buddha Pendant Transparent White

White Jade Buddha Sculpture with Ruby and Gold Dust

The main question here is to buy jadeite or nephrite items. 

Up market shops are at the Sands Casino Mall in Marina Bay Singapore and in every big city on planet where there is a substantial Chinese population. Asking where is the statue made from is a dual question since there are two variants one is from Myanmar which is jadeite, the quality material. The other is nephrite.

laughing sitting Buddha statue from the museum in KL

Laughing Buddha sculptures are some of the most popular since they show happiness and prosperity, this is exactly what most people like and here it starts, at least with a symbol.

A Buddha statue is very decorative.

A laughing one is even better since they express the mood of the owner and what is better as to be happy?  People like them in the house as decoration and for a good aura. The sculptures come in various sizes, colors and prices and can get very expensive easily if they have the right imperial jade color and translucency. That's the reason why most Jade Buddha Statues are made in white and lavender or somehow in between.

The sculptures can be made from many materials, popular are wood (sandalwood and teak) , marble, metal and the most expensive are probably made from jade. They all carry some spiritual and ethnic ideas but most are just put into a house for decoration. Since they often have influence from local images it sometimes is difficult to figure out is this now a

Laughing Jade Buddha
Beautiful White Buddha Statue laughing

Jade stone always has some veins.

Since jade-stone always has some veins with different colors and the bigger is gets the more difficult it is to find the required one evenly distributed. 

The most common hue is white, after it's lavender and green, in recent times artists use gold for additional decoration and sometimes ruby and gold dust to cover part of the statue. People buy Buddha statues for various reasons, for several, it is simply decorative and has a somehow spiritual aura. 
The statues are mainly made from white jadeite jade and often below 30 cm height to make sure they have a uniform color over the whole object which is not easy at all. That's the reason why many "Jade Buddha" are not jade at all but made from treated marble and if you are not a specialist it is very difficult to find out the difference. 

The sculptures show the Buddha mostly in a seated position which depicting mudras with soles turned upward and locked in the lotus position. The right hand in the earth-touching mudra symbolizing the moment of enlightenment this is the prevalent iconography of this figures.

The sculptures symbolizes peace and harmony.

Jade delivers a magical touch, the Buddha Statue is usually created in a sitting posture and Chinese love them. They pay high prices for them, a typical buyer from Taiwan pays around $ 20k for a white sculpture with about one meter height. It starts at 10 cm for about one hundred. Naturally it depends on the material quality and the skills of the artist.
Beautiful lavender Buddha sculpture with translucency

Most Jade Buddha Sculptures show him in a sitting posture and the hands folded in a mudra position but in other locations such as pagodas and temples other postures are shown such as standing and reclining. 

Chinese ideas of Buddha and other myths

Chinese ideas of Buddha

Buddha Chinese Style

A  Buddha head made from wood with gold paint

Great light green Buddha jade carving standing

beautiful jade sculpture

Beautiful two color jade Buddha Statue sitting

Chinese style jade Buddha jade statue almost white

jade Buddha sculpture yellow and lavender color

Here is a collectors Jade Buddha sculpture with yellow and lavender, it seems to be nephrite but somehow stylish and looks very pretty. This artwork wont come cheap but is very impressive, a ideal object to bring a positive mood into a room.

Laughing pure white jade Buddha statue

White jade Buddha sculpture (1)

For comparison her are some horses, they are also often used as decorative items bringing a real swing into the room.

Great light green jade horses

Jade horses are popular with Chinese people, they are used as decorative elements in homes and offices when carved from an artist they often look exceptional given a dynamic expression. Just the opposite to a Buddha Statue which shows tranquility and peace, read more.

Buddha Jade.

Buddha jade is one of the main use for the stones artwork. They make pendants and sculptures in many colors, most are in white and depicting a "laughing Buddha" which should produce a happy and positive aura in a house or do something protective when worn on the body. 
white and green sitting jade Buddha on sale in Yangon

Especially people in China, Taiwan, Korea and Japan buy them and spend quite some money since this sculptures can become very expensive with an appropriate size. E.g. a exquisite one of about 30 cm height can easily cost around $ 2000,- and another one of about 70 cm about $ 25.000,- that vary finally with the color, the level of translucency, texture and quality of the material such as no cracks, spots and defects.

white sitting jade Buddha with gold

Top deals for jadeite sculptures are available in the Bogyoke Market in Yangon.

I am always puzzled to find out where to buy the best Jade Buddha statues when walking through the halls and discover this amazing jadeite artwork in many colors. Just put it straight this is the worldwide number one quality jade market even compared to Hong Kong, Shanghai or Beijing and where is the number two? Yes it's here for jade and more and absolute convincing.

Jade Buddha Statue whiteThe thing is when intending to get real fine jade buying it there travel expenses will be offset by the actual price after some negotiation, they also will do the shipping if you like. Nephrite Jade and jadeite are the best greens minerals available especially Chinese ladies like that and use them as the ultimate gemstone in houses and offices. 

But to be honest the best way to buy this pretty jadeite jade sculptures including the largest selection is here, why? the have lowest prices and fastest delivery right to your door since this experienced online dealer usually nothing goes wrong either, give it a try for fine Buddha Jade Statues. There are also many from other materials.   

Buddha statues sizes.

Since the definition white color is rather wide there are many variants with larger spectrum of textures, colors and sizes some even with gold painting and ruby dust coating.

Sculptures are made with different ideas such as Buddhist and Chinese plus Indian deities are some of the most prominent objects, since they look good as decorative elements in any room and temple.

white and other sculpture colors

some simple white green Buddhas

white Buddha for sale in Bogyoke market

white jade Buddha with ruby dust

white jade Buddha with ruby dust and pure

white jade Buddha and deity

sitting white jade Buddha price about $ 25 k

magnificent sitting jadeite jade Buddha

white jade Buddha sitting and laughing

    golden Buddha statuewhite jade Buddha statue

    A Jade stone always have some veins of different colors and the bigger it gets the more difficult it is to find the required one evenly distributed. The most common jade hue is green and variants of after it's white and  lavender in recent times artists use gold for additional decoration and sometimes ruby and gold dust to cover part of the statue. People buy Buddha statues for various reasons for many it is simply decorative to radiate a somehow spiritual aura.


  1. Here are some old and new Buddha statues made from jadeite and nephrite

  2. I want to buy a high grade Jadeite Buddha statue from Myanmar, could you pls help Max Meier, I like white color with base

    1. Couldn't find any yet currently only big ones and very small ones are on the market the big one at least 70 cm but pure white jadeite come to almost $ 40 k. It needs a firm order and a advance payment of at at least half sum.

    2. Frankly speaking the best is take some days off travel to Yangon and buy it there. The selection is overwhelming and you get exactly what you want. The Bogyoke Market with over three hundred shops is the top Jadeite Jade bazaar in the world and with some good negotiating you easily compensate the whole travel expenses. They will ship and do the insurance for you, if you like, they do this every day they know how to handle this.

    3. Hi, good news pls. check the ads in the content above they are also not as expensive and you can trust Amazon they know what they do. The bring it to your address physically. When you cant find a appropriate object here use the general jade Buddha link on top of the page.

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