Jade Colors

Common jade colors are green lavender white and black.

One of the most interesting questions is here what color is jade? Jade stone colors come in almost all variants just watch this two white Chinese lions used as office decoration.

jade color
Have a look at this jade colors currently 30 variants are identified and about 100 more are defined by Chinese
Sparkling jade colors.

There are many jade and jadeite colors used to create jewelry today such as green lavender ice red yellow white black and grey. Here are some of the most popular colors of jade stones this colors dominate the market it won't matter if its the rough stone or the final product such as jewelry ornaments sculptures or fine Buddha or Hindu statues made from Black Jade Stone   White    Lavender or  Green Imperial Jade.

Jade Colors      

jadeite bracelets with redcolors in a high end jade shopMost sought after is green and white jade plus lavender and black where traces of chromium make the color in the green version just see the bracelet below.  Often green jade is paired with diamonds to get some sparkling into the item because jade hues alone are rather dull. 

 jade horse colors
See some of the other jadeite variants at the picture at the right side which include red an brown colors.

This beautiful bracelets above comes for about $ 5,- in volume fob. Keep in mind that this is a genuine jadeite jade gemstone. In the EU / US for that price, they won't sell this for that amount even in plastic.

Dresses accessories shoes and more in matching jade colors
Chinese jade color office home decoration
White jade is second sought after which is free of impurities. Next is red containing traces of iron and black has chromium and iron as hue. Lavender is bought by young women similar to purple jadeite which contains chromium plus iron and cobalt. All these trace elements came into the jade stone when still forming deep in the earth.

A good question is "what color is jade" since it comes in many, such as green, white, lavender, black, red, purple and many blends. Other colors come with different mixtures and amounts of the above indicated, check the shop.  

Actually, some Chinese connoisseurs identify jade with about 120 gemstone colors most bangles and pendants have a rich spectrum.

A jade carving with a blend of green and white color

The most popular are green with plenty of variants and combinations with other colors. For jewelry usually is a kind of green lavender white and in between white is popular for sculptures of Buddha. Landscapes plus animals such as horses elephant chicken and other are used as decoration.

When buying anything consult a proven expert since there is hardly any other material which is so shameless manipulated e.g. it is very common that the sell white marble as jade. When telling it's a fake they insist no it's market conform the worst liars are in Thailand, they fake copy and manipulate anything. In general, never buy anything in Thailand besides of some clothing since all is made very sloppy and with cheating in mind.   

pretty jade horses
Pretty green horses
chicken carved from jade with green and lavender color

White is free from impurities and red contains traces of iron and reen with traces of chromium, yellow contains tantalum. Purple jadeite contains chromium iron and cobalt.

Here is raw jade with natural colors

colors of rough jade pictured in Bogyoke Market Yangon Myanmar (Burma)

Other colors come with different mixtures and amounts of the above indicated. For a quick idea just look at the picture above which is composed with plenty of different bracelets.

Jade colors and silver jewelry mounted

This wide spectrum makes it easy to find the right piece fitting best to any dress and shoes. Since the lower quality material is not expensive it also functions as fashion decoration.

pretty lavender jade white and brown color items for sale

the ultimate jade color is green as shown in the bangles

Here are some green color bangles with a pretty luster surface and a uniform color, this kind is also called imperial jade. Actually, for top notch, it should be a bit more transparent but that versions are hard to find, but the prices here are still around $ 2000,- - 3000,-. Jadeite is quite valuable. But have it tested before you hand over money there are far too many fakes around. This is especially anywhere in the east.

The picture shows some multicolored bracelets and indicates a bit the spectrum in which jadeite items are available. This picture is from Bogyoke Market in Yangon, Myanmar the premier high-end source for jewelry made from the stone.

What color is jade finally?

What color is a Jade cabochon beside of green

what color can jade bracelets be actually many

First, it needs to understand that there two versions, one is jadeite (high end) and the other is nephrite which is commonly known as "Chinese Jade" which has a very limited spectrum. All top notch jewelry today is made from jadeite which has a whole dimension more hues available, a better texture and many other advanced features. Whatever people think about jadeite is best.

I would say after doing some research, especially at the Bogyoke Market in Yangon, Myanmar almost all variants of the rainbow spectrum can be found but currently (2017) most sought after is jade with the green color that includes jadeite.