Jade Engagement Rings

The ultimate Jadeite Ring.

Is for sure a white gold imperial jade ring paired with diamonds. 

That is a engagement surprise of top level. The women like them, they are attractive and have a substantial promising level nobody will get this "every day" it must be someone special. 

A charming Jade Diamond Engagement Ring
 jade engagement ring

In the past this were mainly nephrite rings.

They are also called "Chinese Jade" but since a few year the better quality jadeite from Myanmar (Burma) is moving in and there really is something better to see. A great surface, wonderful texture, fabulous colors and excellent artwork of mostly Chinese craftsmen (also in Myanmar). 

A range of high end jade gold and diamond engagement rings

This rings are mostly purchased by "Chinese Ladies", there is a reason why they call the green stone "Diamond of the East".

Engagement rings are available in a variety of metal setting including silver gold or platinum often paired with a diamond. Were the cool color of platinum and white gold plus silver makes it a visually interesting match.
rough jade colorsAn engagement day could be life-changing and an attractive ring should seal it. Jade engagement rings are special and look very good once the ring with a piece of a carefully crafted jade stone slips onto the finger it might change the course of your life a new relationship will come up and hopefully it will be a happy and long lasting one.

Another idea could be a jade designer engagement ring which needs some communication with an creative jeweler and might be a bit more pricey but on the other hand a real unique piece of work.


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