Jade Identification and Testing

Jade Stone Tester with UV Light

To do test the quality in the right way it needs a lot of experience and lots of money can be saved. One of the most important tools is a flashlight and an (at least) 10 times magnifying lens. Normal stones and most other materials block light totally within certain wavelengths

Jade Stone Tester with UV Light

The flashlight below has LAD which are emitting UV light in a certain spectrum which can penetrate jade stone up to a certain distance that way it shows if it is a natural jade stone. Also repaired stones e.g. with resin and other material can be detected because it simply looks different on the jade stone. 

The person below is a professional gemstone tester,  all who want to make a purchase come to his table which is just placed on the boardwalk of the main street in 

  • Fake Jade Stone Tester.

Mae Sot Thailand a border town in Myanmar. 

He has the simple tools indicated above to test the object to be sure the buyer won't get cheated. Since dirty business is rather the normality be has plenty of business every day.

If someone wants to have it more precise it needs to check it with a spectrometer and other equipment since the tricks of crooks are changing every day. With the green stone a buyer can lose thousands of dollars within minutes to a dishonest seller and once the money is paid, the seller vanishes. There is no warranty this is pure hit and run business.

jade testingfake jade

For the top grade A jadeite quality the parameters are texture, hardness, transparency, and color. Other definitions are translucent, shiny, such as fat, grease, opaque, dry, water, luster and opaque. Hardness means resistance to pressure, carving and grinding. All this parameter comes from the internal crystal structure. Now because all this is difficult to put into exact physical parameters is leaves plenty of space when evaluating genuine material since there is plenty of fake jade around.
The hardness is a basis for identification of the authenticity and grade level of the basic standards, jadeite is harder than nephrite, it 7 to 5 on the Mohs scale
  • The other basic values which push the prices up are translucency or transparency, very smooth texture and beautiful emerald or imperial green color. Looking at all this combined it easily can be seen that it is easy to find very different price idea

  • Jade certification. 

When browsing shops and buying higher price items check for certification (make sure that the certification if not a fake by itself which is very popular in Thailand). Just check by yourself a couple of the objects and ask to get an idea of a spectrum with the values you prefer. In general, when buying a piece of jade for over around $ thousand insist on an evaluation in an independent lab with jewelry it is almost a must since there is too much cheating going on and a normal buyer is not capable of figuring out what's going on means better check for jade certification.

When seriously considering to make a major purchase the best is probably to make a journey to Yangon's Bogyoke Market there are the most diverse jade items, jewelry and raw jade testing wont hurt neither.

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