Jade Jewelry and Ornaments

 Jade jewels and Ornaments.

Jade is attractive and mythical most creations have two things in common first its natural and second today many are made from Myanmar jadeite worked into sculptures and other pieces of art such as Buddha statues.

Big small high and low-end and for $ 10,- all available but be vigilant  otherwise they cheat you.

All jade colors and qualities from high to low end.

Bangles and bracelets are the most popular adornment in use. Since all colors and price ranges are available a wide spectrum of customers is available. 

Many people just love to change the jewelry every day to match dresses and this are ideal objects to do so, read more.

white Buddha pendant with beautiful transparency
Great pendants are the second most popular items made from the mineral. Highly appreciated are green jades with carvings, They come in different sizes and prices, as usual, the most translucent saturated it is, the higher the price, here are Buddha Jade 

Having them around the neck makes them highly visible and definitely a great body decoration, they come in all colors and styles, read more.

There is also a superstitious element interpreted into the stone with Chinese people, to have a positive and protective effect for the person who wears it. 

jade rings
Jade rings 
Rings are also in demand, polished, with fine textures and no cracks set into white gold or maybe silver and platinum, looks great, often the stone has some carved motives, read more.

In general when buying it needs to be vigilant, if the piece of desire will be a more expensive item, lets say over around $ 1000,- take an expert with you, or insist to have the item checked in lab to determine the value since the seller will tell you anything you want to hear to finish the deal and once you bought its difficult to retreat so its better to be careful at the beginning.

jade necklace with diamonds
Necklace with diamonds
Gorgeous necklaces, this kind of jewelry fits every woman, its simply and gorgeous and with present day styling its also fashionable. There is a wide spectrum available, maybe with a couple of diamonds around could be a real eye catcher but again they can get very quick, very expensive. read more.

The technical methods to create a gorgeous piece out of a rather not valuable one are stunning and the buyer as an amateur is not capable of figuring out what's good and what not. You could also buy some pretty jade jewelry here on a confident level.

Especially Chinese people are very creative in creating pretty things since many believe that if a person wears this and is involved in an accident, the thing will be broken but its wearer will be protected.

carved Buddha pendant
carved lavender color Buddha pendant
Carved lavender color
Buddha pendant 

Carved items come in all variants, special is blue found in Guatemalan and Honduran, already the Maya and Olmecs used it to make various items, including knives for religious ceremonies and weapons. Today all have one subject in common they are often manipulated, to make a highly valued piece of out of a poor one. Which looks fabulous for about 3 years and after it deteriorates.
imperial jade banglesimperial jade rings

Resins are injected to fill cracks and they are put into acid for a while to get bleached, they also do other manipulation. A normal buyer is not able to recognize this, if you intend to buy items over about $ 1000,- take an expert with you or let it check in a lab to be protected.

Jade is the quintessence of heaven and earth.

Some jade stones are even surpassing diamonds in value because of the mythical component which often offsets the sheer material value, this is rapidly changing since it moves into the mainstream. 

That means culture morphs into fashion and becomes mainstream, at least in China. Since there was no possibility and money to get this kind thing before there is a huge gap to fill because every woman in the country like to buy jades, although for them this is not only decoration it is rooted in mythology and mysticism since long time ago. 

evaluating the green stone
black jade pendant

Before it was a everyday item now it’s mainly jewelry and more. Since it is available in almost any color it’s easy to match clothing with a universal style and elegance. Most jewels using jades are delightfully designed and it is not much blended with other precious stones, maybe a diamond here and there, some silver or whit gold add on and that’s it. It’s for people with an obsession for creative things without losing the focus, its typical Chinese. Its for natural beauty fans who like it pure since that finally impress everyone. This is somehow ethnic, but it defines more, such as history and values. 

Another new trend is designer jewelry goes hand in hand with sculpturing.

The mineral is also used as a material to form art and it needs a real artist to make most of the sculptures.At all places with Chinese population the mineral is in high demand such as in this Singapore jade jewelry shop selling high-end items at the Sands Casino Mall at Marina Bay.

Singapore high end jade jewelry shop

The one picture right above was taken in the Sands Casino shopping mall in Singapore it shows more Chinese Style jade jewelry.

In Myanmar's Yangon  is one of the biggest jade shop clusters.

the world with dozens of stores that's the Bogyoke marketThe premier bazaar for high and low-end jewelry, it needs some bargaining and flexibility to fix a good deal. All items are genuine and not manipulated, the selection is enormous there is no other place where so many quality jade shops are side by side. 
Chinese style laughing Buddha

Chinese style laughing Buddha

This is not only for jewelry items there are also fine sculptures of Buddha usually in green and white up to around 1.80 meters high, bigger on request, but the price moves up exponentially with the size. 

These sculptures are a real eye catcher and some of them are even encrusted with gold and ruby dust, also mythical Chinesefigures are on display. The stores also offer wholesale and retail, several are a front-end outlet of some mines in Kachin State. Some low-quality items such as bangles  

jade diamond designer jewelry
Designer jewelry
and pendants are amazingly low priced although this is genuine items, there are also other markets and shops in the city.

Jade diamond jewelry look always good and have high value, it implicates value and beauty and is a real "eye catcher" as body decoration on women , read more.

All this look great and has exceptional value with the right material and metal combination all this is available, the dreams of most Chinese women.
Another jade market but less attractive is further north in Mae Hong Son.

A very interesting jade market is in Mae Sot Thailand.

jade buddha pendants
jade pearls
Bracelets with ball pearls
They offer rather low price items are along the main road and some seller just put a blanket 

Evaluating the green stone at Mae Sot on the street side and sell from there. Everyday people smuggle items over the border. On the main road are dozens of shops, including specialists to evaluate if needed.

They usually take it and have it evaluated, a small torchlight tells and magnifying lens tell everything to a specialist.

All is quite cheap, a genuine bangle start at $ 10,- and even this looks quite impressive and you can be sure it's pure because for such a low price no one start a fake process, it would be to costly.

The problem with Mae Sot is the same as with every other place with Thai people where they can sniff quick cash, it's real "wild west" lying and cheating to an unimaginable awful extend. Just as an example the other day I went to Mae Sot to buy some jade eggs once they are polished enough they look very similar to other but cheaper stones. Finally the guy sold me one egg as a test and I told him when everything is ok we will buy at least hundred. So I took it paid Baht 100,- and went back. 

After some testing we found out it was treated marble and not jadeite and this Thai guy from the shop was a clear lier he wanted to refund me the stuff but that's useless I am not wasting my time because of 4 dollars. When we put the egg he said it is a jade egg into vinegar the vinegar "eat" the marble egg this would never happen with jade because jadeite is resistant 

It is always the same these Thai guys think they are the most clever on mother earth but since most of them have no education they just create nonsense. It is very important to keep in mind if this fool would have played by the rules we would have purchased a few hundreds of the jade egg and he could have made several thousand dollars. As a simple parameter when buying jade jewelry or other gemstones in Thailand be extremely careful.: