Jade Price

The Jade Price.

The price of jade and jadeite is not easy to determine because there are no binding parameters on top of that which have been fixed by anyone and can be invoked. This spongy situation leads to much dizziness and fraud. Generally one can say if a piece of jade / jadeite more than about $ 100, - should cost you should consult an expert who has the necessary experience. 

You should evaluate here if you like the beautiful stone and if it is so appealing to you that you want to take a risk. Therefore, there is always a specialist somewhere in the bazaars  who can examine the stone. 

In general, you can do a quick test in order to find yourself a quick but fleeting judgment. the first step could be a UV (blacklight) lamp to find out if it is a jade stone at all. because if it is real jade forms a halo and the stone is transparent for a short distance. A next step may be to buy some vinegar and put the stone in. When bubbles arise it means something is wrong on top of it the reaction of the seller make it immediately visible see what is going on because the jade is not damaged in the vinegar but most of the other stones (e.g. marble) show a reaction.