Jade Rings and Bands

Jade rings and bands carved & with different colors.

Jade jadeite rings and bands are attractive and eye catching, often people wear them not only as a precious decorative item but they interpret some mystic health and protective property into it.  

Jade band rings and other > are either crafted from a pure stone or have a silver frame the main decision you must make is buy the finger ring with or without a metal frame and the second consideration should be to go a little further and buy matching earrings so that it will be a nice set as the prices are not so high it should be possible to do this very attractive rings and ear jewelry from jadeite jade in a combination. For example here try it can not go wrong because this is a global company and you have a reliable contact. This jade silver rings are also very popular in the USA it somehow is fitting the style.

 Jade Ring
Beside of jade bangles pendants necklaces and earrings are popular the people are mainly interested in the green version.  Here are men jade rings for sale with a sterling silver frame where the metal has the function to catch the light and reflect it back into the jade it makes it shine.Often used with jade silver rings.

Jade rings and bands 

Auspicious in the same way as all other jewelry items made from the green stone. The theme is it brings fortune, has some positive health properties, prevents for “bad luck” and helps against evil spirits. Throughout history, it had its place within Chinese culture as tools weapons knives and the most precious is imperial jade ring bands. Most jade rings are made with silver setting sometime also white gold since that better matches the rather cool color of the green.

Saddle Rings
Solid Jadeite Rings
Jade Silver Earrings
Band Rings
exquisite jadeite cabochon rings and diamonds

Usually made with white gold and silver because the "cool" shades fits best. A other version is to carve the whole ring out of a solid piece and with the right property such a clarity, shiny green and translucency the value can easily mach a ruby or diamond ring. It is not easy to find the correct values since there are no fixed and certified parameters similar to diamonds or other precious stones.

Wide jade band ring with white gold setting

Interestingly a rather baroque design is the normality, modern forms are not many. Anyway this are beautiful and valuable items. They are auspicious for Chinese people but as it is with jade rings in general they are always rather worn by men and less with women especially black jade. Here are some frequently sold jade rings made from yellow gold with small diamonds to make them shine.

jade rings with cabochons in white gold setting

Jade ring prices

Yellow gold diamond and jade ring prices all a great designYellow gold diamond and jade rings pricesAlthough the indicated prices on the labels here are unrealistically high there is always a good chance to bargain them to user friendly figures. Myanmar's are flexible if you ever buy anything get an official invoice, if you don't you run into trouble at departure. Don't underestimate this things because in all that places is plain-cloth police you don't see and they gather data. The gemstone and jewelry business is the biggest foreign cash earner, mainly at the emporium billions of dollars are made. So they are very much after it.  

Wide black jade band rings

natural green wide jade rings

Simple Men Rings made from a solid jade stone

Most buyer of bulky jade rings are men this in contrary to other items where women are most e.g. such as ruby and diamonds. If anyone is seriously interested they should have a look in Yangon's Bogyoke Market in Myanmar (Burma). The selection and availability is overwhelming and on top of it they also do custom designs since there are many craft shops where they handle that in the shop o just behind the house. 

The first thing to do is buy this UV jade testing flashlight if you don't want to be cheated.

In Mandalay is a whole quarter close to the Mahamuni Temple with dozens of workshops where they put the mined rocks into shape. Most craftsmen are local Chinese, they simply have the best expertise and most products are export to China often via smuggling.  

Natural jade rings with green and black color

Some natural black jade archers rings, for this small items they use often nephrite which because it is cheaper than jadeite which is only mined as Myanmar. This "little things" look quite nice and it fulfills myths Chinese people interpret into.

The band rings above are from $ 4,- to $ 8,- minimum 100 pieces plus shipping.

For jewelry creations jadeite is preferred since color clarity, texture and translucency is more interesting and its harder. Its ideal for simple jade ring bands and no need to drain the wallet, when someone wants a simple piece of jewelry it's this.

green longevity rings for men in gold an d silver

Jadeite is also called “Diamond of the east”

green jade rings in white gold setting
Here are green longevity jadeite rings and white gold this type is very popular but the version using full cabochons is used more often.

Good fortune green jade rings totally carved from a solid rock

For Chinese people the green stone has a similar value as a diamond has with “Western People”. The Bogyoke Market in Yangon is the right place place for ring shopping inclusive black ones for men.

Most ring shopping is for green colored jewelry

In a ring design mostly imperial jade is used which is the best available jadeite with rich bright and green color plus a high amount of transparency. Beside of green, white and lavender are popular colors. Silver, platinum and gold is used as base material the metals reflects the light back into the stone producing a mystic auraUsed in jewelry are various color since the spectrum is rather wide, nephrite has much less colors and is comparable dull compared to jadeite. There is a definite jade ring fashion trend to black color in various styles.

jade jewelry and white gold with cabochon

myanmar jadeite rings from a jade shop
Most precious are jadeite rings in a attractive setting, as it can be seen here most are with a dominant green jade cabochon in the center a other cabochon ring version is made with a ruby but often framed with yellow gold. This variant is manly worn by men, same also wear a black stone with some carvings.

Jadeite is only mined in Asia in Myanmar's northern Kachin State.

Jade jewelries are auspicious item for Chinese people and the smallest piece to wear it for having positive effect are rings. For millions of years the stone was defined as an ornamental stone of the nephrite type because that one was mined in the north western provinces of China as Nephrite In the last two centuries the mines got exhausted and now the biggest source are Canada (BC) and Australia. 

In the last century got another high end material included which is jadeite and conveniently sources are available in neighboring Myanmar / Burma. Since this is a high end material with better properties it is substantially more costly.

Since China opened up the people have much more money available so they buy high end quality items.  Today both of these stones are used to make rings & bands carved from one piece of the mineral or to be set into a frame usually silver. Thanks to jadeite more colors are available nephrite is rather dull.

The other mineral nephrite is found in many places on the planet and is rather abundant that’s also one of the reason why its much cheaper. Oriental jewelry are exotic pieces of arts and crafts, which gives the right new touch, they also come in many other forms.

jade rings with new style setting
jade rings with new style setting (1)

Different versions and colors of jade rings

Lavender and Imperial Jade Silver Rings

The two sets above are typically styled men rings where the jadeite cabochon is set set in silver and white gold. It is also interesting to see the different colors and shades of as shown lavender color green and white opaque. As it is with jadeite and nephrite it is never really clear always opaque there is a big difference to emeralds. Below are some low end prices jade stone rings.

White Wide Jade Band Rings.

white jade rings are simple pretty and cheap

White jadeite always has an elegant touch it can worn together with any color since it is somehow neutral. Many women like them as bangles or pendants since it expresses purity. Probably most known are white Buddha Statues.

Green jade band rings variants

Green band rings are carved out of a solid block of stone and are are a rather simple piece of jewelry although quite handsome. Since they are also cheap it is a ideal fashion piece available in various colors.

fine jade cabochon rings at Bogyoke Market Yangon

  • Green Jade Cabochon Rings with a piece of gemstone on top and a setting of gold, silver platinum underneath
  • Engagement Rings with the green gemstone usually have some glitter paired with in the form of smaller diamonds, the whole really shines beautiful.
  • Antique Jade Rings have a special touch because of their old style many people connect memories with it.
  • Jade diamond silver ringHere are several attractive and real beautiful jade rings with great designs and colors for affordable prices just order them and after a few days they are delivered to you don't need to run around and waste your precious time to get them. 

    Just use our virtual jade shop its more precise and the selection is much larger plus very important prices are low also on jewelry which looks very expensive. Keep in mind most people including "experts" don't know the value unless it is carefully inspected.

    Probably three out of 5 Chinese people wear jade rings and many have some memories attached so they became antiques over time. 
    Jade rings are a relatively small body decoration.  In particular jade rings can quickly identified if they have an older date although many are made in a conservative style to make it difficult to figure out, is it? Or is it not? 

    They all have one thing in common, mostly made from white-gold or silver and from green cabochons from very light to almost dark, the design often looks not very appealing. Actually for most people wearing them the important stuff is the protective and metaphysical property of it. 

    This is one of the reason why elder Chinese people wear them because of superstition. Jadeite is also a good material for it because the material is extremely hard, almost like a diamond which makes jade longevity jewelry natural and material used. 

    • Antique Jade Engagement Rings.

    There they symbolize this through the incredible durability; actually they found related jewelry and weapons in tombs from around 6000 years ago.  So accessorizing with an antique jadeite rings is a excellent choice.

    Green Jade Cabochon Rings
    Jadeite Cabochon Rings
    Wide Band Rings
    Engagement Rings Silver  Black  Solid  Antique


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