Jade Rings Silver

Jade Rings.

Both materials are an almost perfect match and when the design and prices somehow are in the right range it could be a great deal. Our worldwide shipping and sales processing is very safe.

Jade ring with silver setting.

  • Jadeite Cabochon Rings are the most sought after, they usually look a bit conservative but are very impressive when a fine stone is used.
  • Engagement Rings with a single green stone and some diamonds around are really charming.
  • Antique versions usually have a rather conservative styling.
  • The Black version popular as a masculine novelty fashion wear. 
  • Wide Band jewelry are often used together with a gold setting or just solid carved from one piece.
  • Green Jade Cabochon Rings is one of the most popular version of jadeite jewelry. 

green jadeite cabochon rings in silver and gold settings

For thousands of years the mineral had many uses such as tools, weapons, art, burial covers and other For the Chinese this was the stone of the Heavens. Also for Aztecs and Olmec it had a very high value, actually for many old countries of the precolonial age it was somehow similar as we consider diamonds today. The green stone today makes an excellent raw material choice for rings, pendants, necklaces, bracelets, bangles and other.

old and new style cabochon rings on display in Bogyoke Market Yangon

To Chinese people the ring symbolizes an eternal aura and protection.

in recent years the idea of a a bit of macho was added with black jade as a fashion item for men people also say it attracts prosperity.

When choosing the piece of jewelry it needs to check if it's not a fake since plenty of mainly Chinese dealers know all kind of tricks to make a substandard piece look excellent at least for a while. If someone buys that it will be rotten after about three years, that goes mainly via bleaching and injecting resin plus heat treatment. Other dealer just sell glass, serpentine and other stones instead of jadeite jade.

 White Jade Silver Ring

There are a few other reasons to make the stone interesting, among them is the ancient history, the hardness, which is not far off from diamond and some mythical properties which are mainly taken serious by Chinese people. Jadeite and nephrite are the two versions which are known under the name jade.

Stylish silver rings for women.

Stylish silver rings for women usually are an attractive accessory

Silver jewelry is very popular and not only since yesterday or the price difference to white gold and what even make it more attractive is e pretty green jade stone as a center piece since that is  something different and when a bit of sparkling is needed add a diamond , apart from typical gold jewelry. Wearing a good designed silver ring on the finger could be matched with similar styled ear- rings for a perfect match. is like a final perfect touch of your personality. 

Find out a design in silver rings on this page or elsewhere in the website there are many and they are of top quality and not so expensive but still high end pretty.. Such rings have decent, stylish textures and patterns. Silver jewelry and jade are interesting novelties and can be changed frequently because the price is not high and they always look good no need for gold since the cool green of imperial jade make a perfect fit for sterling silver or another variant. 

The days are gone, when people used to buy only traditional gold and white gold jewelry. In the internet you will find new collection with attractive designs almost daily. To embellish your fingers a beautiful and perfect designs ring is always the winner. Now it's the time to do a fashionable investment for a stylish ring with  a suitable stone as centerpiece which must not be a diamond what about a silver or pink colored south sea pearl? If the pearl is not so big costs are manageable..

Also Cubic Zirconia rings are resulting in a pretty composition together with a jade or other gem-stone 

handmade sterling silver rings jadeite cabochons