Jade Shop Virtual

The Virtual Jade Store

Many jewelry shops in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur & Yangon have jade for sale in various versions and colors as jewelry ornaments and sculptures plus other decoration get some ideas here.

Here is a large virtual jade shop where you can buy for low prices and quick delivery. Actually it won’t matter if that is a online or a physical shop the variety of the “bring you luck” items is very wide

The raw jade stones here are good for smaller pendants necklaces plus matching jade earrings and pretty finger rings. Also the color of the different rocks are quite similar and I like lavender jadeite.

The jade Store with Burmese jadeite

This is for jadeite and nephrite jewelry but not only there are also plenty of marvelous sculptures such as a laughing Buddha plus landscape scenes and flower or vegetable carvings. Very special are animals creations such as horses and chicken there are even "paintings". But mostly it's various carved items as a gifts to friends. 

How to buy in the jade shop is not an easy task since there are plenty of rather fuzzy parameter and lots of interpretation means it's easy to get cheated. Here they not only have Myanmar Jade they also have marvelous Burmese Rubies for sale in all variants as jewelry and raw stones retail and wholesale sometimes for amazing low prices.

Jade shop in Yangon Bogyoke Market
Wearing jade on the Chinese people are convinced luck and protection is sure and some positive health properties are also possible no wonder why there is such a wide variety of jewelry. One of the most beautiful items made from jadeite is a Buddha statue, big or small, also available at various stores in variants such as with green white and lavender color.

The jewelry come in different sizes, designs, forms and colors mounted together with other precious stones such as pearls and diamonds.

beaded necklaces in different colors and materials

pretty green white pendant

pretty black pendant

A jade store in central market chinatownVery popular are carved pendants with a Buddha image, which could be in a gold or silver setting. It also could be mounted together with another precious stone which for sure add exotic beauty. Different stores carry different items; it is rather rare that one carry all since the price has a very wide spectrum. 

In the jade stores in Yangon's Bogyoke Market they have bangles for $ 10, - (no yoke) and another one maybe for $ 5.000,- it depends on the color, the translucent factor, the more transparent the higher the price, this goes up almost exponential.

KL jade shop at central market

The very pretty jade stone store is located in Kuala Lumpur's Central Market and another one in the Jade Museum shop with antiques could be visited on a trip to KL. It's amazing what kind of objects people collect over the years.

There is another jade store in KL Chinatown selling lower price items. They have pretty things although this is not jadeite it's nephrite commonly known as "Chinese Jade" it looks quite pretty just the right material to make a young women shine. This is not for collectors or speculators this are simple novelties to wear genuine and not to expensive.

 A jade store in Kuala Lumpur with pretty jewelry is in the small museum and they have real attractive items on sale. Find the place by following the KL jade link it might be in interesting half day trip next time you visit the town. It's a bit difficult to find but just ask a few times.
Address of the the jade store is: 26, Jalan Delima, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
wall art for sale
Beautiful carved chicken sculpture in white jade
In resent years the green stone has become more a object for speculation because people keep telling everyone supply is dwindling etc. which is not true there is enough rough material to feed the world for several hundreds of years but by continuously repeating the same mantra again and again they managed it to make out of this amazing material a highly speculative one, effectively its just the same as with other who is pushed higher by some people who made lots of money with it.
at sands casino mall

Here is a Singapore jade store

Highly expensive jewelry and objects are on sale here, since this mineral is high on the shopping list of mainly Chinese people quite some money can be made. 

Not only that it looks good as a gorgeous bracelet, ring, necklace or bangle the prices are continuously rising.

Some great things to buy in the Singapore jade shop such as bangles in various colors and level of translucency.

Some pretty green jewelry in our virtual Jade Shop.

buying imperial green bangles in Yangon

beautiful colored chain jewelryA jade shop in Kuala Lumpur with pretty jewelry