Jade Stone Necklace

Jade Stone Necklace.

Jade stones are used for jewelry among other necklaces bracelets and pendants plus ornaments and sculpturing since thousands of years. Over a long period of time people thought an oriental jade mine is only in China which is wrong because actually most jade stones came from the Turkestan Region. 

Today the high-end material is Myanmar (Burmese) jadeite and the other jade stones come from different places of the globe among other Canada and Australia because the Chinese mines already got exhausted. 

Jade Stone Necklace.

Minor mines are also in Thailand New Zealand Australia and Russia. 

But jade stones only become interesting as jewelry after a creative process called carving which actually is boring but the expression carving is still very common and practically all jade jewelry is made with a drilling machine. Jade necklaces are not so difficult to create but they usual need some metal either silver or gold as a basic material.

Jade jewelry history.

Most raw jade material under the label "Chinese Jade" today come from British Columbia Jade mines they have about 70% percent of the world market. As usual there are fake jade stones around this can be quartz and serpentine plus chrysoprase which is mined in Australia the other variant is opaque dolomite marble from Malaysia.

In ancient times nephrite jade from China was a revered stone which commanded its importance in Chinese cosmology and rituals. They believed that the world was surrounded by water and the breath or influence of nature affect both living and dead. The fate of man is determined by cosmological influences. But very much standing on earth by using an arrowhead to kill and a lot of superstition surrounded the green stone.

Today, these superstitions are of course losing ground and yet the jade mineral is still in increasing demand not only by them but also by people the world over.

Fine Natural jade stone necklace
rough green jadeLong time ago 
rough green jade was manufactured into daggers axes spearheads arrowheads and everyday items found at excavations in ancient tombs. 

Since those have been from the Shang Chou and Han period it’s a good evidence for a historical long time-frame that includes smaller jewelry such as 
Jade necklaces bracelets and pendants. 

Jade is deeply rooted in everyday China and brisk trading business is the result over the southern border beyond Yunnan.