Jade Stone Treatment

Treating and enhancing Jade Stones

Since the green stone is used for various purposes over thousands of years it is somehow natural that people try to make something with it.

Legal or illegal e.g. jewelry from low quality stones appear better be some enhancements to get higher prices. Although this is a cheat if not told to the buyer they rarely tell.

Enhanced jadeite in various colors

No it's not the one for health therapy, its manipulating the material itself to fetch higher prices and there are a few variants.
  • Variant A is treatment with a coating of colorless wax; this type is rather stable but not over a long period, it's mainly used with jadeite it should not undergo ultrasonic cleaning.
  • Variant B is bleaching and injecting wax under high pressure to make it more pale and improve the color. This manipulation makes the stone to deteriorate after some years and it wont look good at all afterwards.
  • Modification C is dyeing to brush up the gemstone's color which is not good at all, effects are the same as B.
Since a common buyer is not able to figure out this treatments ask the seller what happen and if the jewelry or statue carries a high price tag (over a 4 digit $ price) have the dealer assuring this in written form  that no jade stone treatment & enhancement has been made. With lower priced and small items it wont matter. The best is anyway to have high end pieces of stone examined and certified in a special lab.

Much more Myanmar / Burmese Jadeite Jade is here with large pictures