Jade Stone

Jade Stones and meaning.

Jade stone meaning is mainly supernatural ideas and healing properties which have been relevant in the middle ages when the stones were ground and taken with water to clean kidneys today properties have a superstitious background. 

jade stonesActually this is mainly with green jade and less with other colors. Currently (2018) there are only a few main markets in the world where genuine jadeite jade is available.

Jade Stone

 jade stone necklace pendant
Many minerals which look like jade are sold but they are not genuine.

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The largest jade stone markets and sale volume are in China and the second  are the USA where the buyers are mostly Chinese people who migrated to the USA over the last two-hundred years. It is similar with the Chinese population in countries such as as Malaysia and other ASEAN states. A very interesting position in Malaysia related to jade and silver have the Peranakan Chinese of Penang and Singapore see a pretty jade shop in Chinatown KL 's Central Market here.

People are always asking about jade stone meaning which makes some sense but it should be considered that behind is plenty of superstition and the question is also related to the past when jade was ground and used for medical  purposes as a drink which is not relevant anymore since today they have more efficient medicine to clean the kidneys. That was also one of the reasons which had the jade stone price considerably dropping in the last 200 years because today the application of the "green stone" came down to jewelry purposes only. Although Chinese still interpret metaphysical properties into jade which had the benefits drop quite a lot.

Today jade stone means jewelry such as a necklace rings and raw material such as green white and lavender jade stone for creating beautiful pendants bangles and bracelets.

jade chunks
pretty jade chunks

The jade of Central America is also a interesting variety because some of the stones are in the blue color spectrum although in north Myanmar Kachins State blue stones are available but this is not jade it's Lapiz Lazuli.  The  jadeite jade variety of the Aztecs Olmecs Toltecs and Mayas which are mineralogical different from the Indians in the North are very well known over centuries.

Here is jade jewelry

Compared to other semi-precious gemstones there are no jade crystals that's a myth. Here is a ruby crystal for comparison.

Jade is existing as two different minerals one is Jadeite from Myanmar / Burma which is mainly of green color & the central America version which is green and also blue. The other is nephrite which is the original "Chinese Jade" sourced today from  Canada BC. Australia and some other countries. Myanmar jade is high quality jadeite which comes in a wide range of pretty colors in the whole spectrum from white to black green red yellow lavender and more.

Ancient cultures such as Chinese from already about 6000 years ago interpreted mythical jade properties into the stone beside of the above mentioned in Asia they were the Aztecs Mayas and Olmec of Central America who used mainly the native blue version of the jade-stone. The jade mineral  was also used to make tools and sculptures by carving which is no carving at all this actually is drilling. Buddha Statues and other sculptures are created since thousands of years the main problem to make them is that jade stone is a extremely hard mineral in terms of hardness in the neighborhood of diamonds and rubies. . 

Today the most prominent Jade Buddha Statue is the white one in the "Shanghai Jade Buddha Temple". Jade stones are created by nature in geological subduction zones. These zones come up when two tectonic plates bang together. 

The plate that moves downwards moves minerals such as jade stones with and temperature plus pressure creates the green mineral which finally is made into jewelry.

Jade Stone.

Just have a look at the picture above which give a good idea about jade colors. The natural jade stone creation process happened million years ago and the final material are the pretty jade gemstones they are twofold one is nephrite which is abundant and available globally the other is jadeite which is only available in Myanmar’s Kachin state (see the jade mining map below. 

raw jade stones at Yangon Bogyoke market
raw jadeite chunks selling in Yangon

Jadeite jade is the higher quality mineral in terms of colors hardness texture transparency and exactly the natural gemstones people want.

Where genuine Myanmar Jadeite Jade comes from here is a Map.

In the past it was crafted for spear hears lance tops axes and other war tools in the last century it becomes more and more a material for jewelry and ornamentation.

Jade stone prices.

Jade stone prices are very individual and leave plenty of space to guessing. The jade prices are very ambivalent because there is no binding classification and are therefore very individually defined by the seller. 

The only generally accepted parameters are transparency of the mineral and the color which means is the pure or not pure being in this context are inclusions and veins of other colors. You should also know that many sellers bath the stone as much as possible in acid to raise transparency because the higher this is the higher the price. With Chinese people sometimes the artist who create the jade object can demand higher prices when he/she is a well known person.

Raw jade stones.

raw green jade-stone
Raw lavender jade-stone

To get you a better understanding for exquisite jade jewelry watch this pictures below from a Kuala Lumpur Jade Shop which show objects made from high-end jadeite. 

jade-stone shop
jade stone shop (1)

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Jade-Stone meaning.

Jade stones are also known as the diamonds of the east in this context the east means China. Since Chinese people have the reputation of being very superstitious and in the meantime they have interpreted all possible stories into the jade stones. One should also consider that Chinese define since about 6000 years jade as the "stone of Heaven" which of course opens the gates for speculation. 

On top of it powdered jade was also used for medical applications as a remedy for kidney problems. Thus there was and is plenty of scope to interpret all possible and impossible considerations into the meaning of a green jade-stone. Since the gemstone is available in a wide color spectrum the guessing game is almost endless.

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