Jadeite Jewelry

Jadeite Jade Jewelry shopping is a special task since everyone know jade but not many know the high-end version which has some better properties such as a higher harness level and brighter colors.

Jade jewelry is the dream of almost every Chinese woman and is increasingly on the wish-list of many men especially the black version which has an distinctive masculine touch. The best jade quality pieces are is often made in tandem with white gold and platinum plus silver and sometimes with other gemstones such as diamonds and colored stones plus pearls.

Start with raw jadeite jade.

Raw jadeite jade stones for jewelry

Typical for jadeite jade are the colors of the stones which are much more diverse and have a wider spectrum and are harder by two points on "moos scale). Although Chinese people as "masters of jade" which is effectively nephrite had 6000 years time to work with the material they never achieved the beauty of nephrite although they tried many manipulations. E.g. bathing the stones in acid and other liquids to make the jade stones more transparent since the higher the translucency of jadeite jade is the higher the value of the piece. 
jade jewelry bangles
Of course the jewelry designs depend heavily on personal preferences but also lead to very exotic creations for example. A good example is Myanmar the former Burma which is known to be blessed with all kinds of gemstones. The best place to shop is the Bogyoke Aung San Bazaar in Yangon the former capital of the country. Actually there is also a huge jadeite jade market in Mandalay with dozens of small workshops and individual productions.
jadeite jade jewelry set
In the bazaar are finished and tailor-made exclusive jade jewelry available. The jadeite jade shops are also very popular in all parts of the world where there is a substantial Chinese population.

Exotic jewelry designs and standard designs are interesting because jade-stones always contain some different color traces which ensure custom jewelry which is unique and often made to order. 
Carved Jadeite Jade Bangle
Since exclusive jewelry should always emphasize the characteristics and clothing plus personality of the wearer jadeite is a real fashionable modern material although not cheap. 

Exclusive jade jewelry such as pendants with diamonds are often created to showcase exquisite craftsmanship and there are famous native artists in China who are well known locally.
Jade Diamond Pendant
Jade is available as jadeite and nephrite and is between diamonds and rubies in terms of hardness. It can be carved into small and bigger artwork. Nephrite is green and radiates into lighter transparent color. Jadeite bring the whole color spectrum just watch the picture above with the red and lavender shades plus green and black.

Buying jewelry is always a bit expensive but with jade no much can go wrong over time since this a very hard material  

Clean the jade pieces with a soft brush in warm water and the jewelry should be thoroughly dried before storage. When you store the pretty things keep them apart from other gemstones.

Sometimes gold-plated jade jewelry is on sale which needs a deeper inspection since many manufacturer in particular in Thailand blend gold with other materials to maximize profit you should try to avoid such deals although it is difficult to find it out.

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