Jadeite Ring

Jade rings this days are usually made from jadeite jade stones. 
They look pretty indeed with their shining color and the more translucent the jade stone (usually cabochons) the higher the value is. 

 Simple Yellow Jadeite Ring

Jade rings are mostly made of jadeite because this gives the best color stones, usually the metal setting is mostly silver it just fits better it is less expensive  to manufacture. The jewelry is available in almost every version to think about such as solid band rings with silver and gold setting maybe rhodium plated or custom made versions from sterling silver or other metals.

Maybe a promise ring a plain version or in this case a jade stone version with a central piece in various colors. Mostly the idea of the ring or band is to symbolize love and commitment within a relationship. 

In order to find a really interesting piece of jewelry you can also browse through museum catalogs and look into the past to discover something new, because even older jewelry often brings new inspirations and jade novelties.

Often used as an engagement and wedding ring. Styles and materials such as another gemstone maybe a diamond to breathe fire into the jade ring or maybe be a sapphire also wont be bad, there are many ideas to give jewelry an impressive appearance that applies to custom designs as well as less conventional forms, however, sources of inspiration are nearly infinite in both organic and inorganic matter. to express certain qualities and ideas.

Most sought after is the imperial jade color version which is also called emerald or grass colored and for fine saturated and clean hues a lot of money is paid that includes jade earrings.

green jadeite cabochon rings in silver and gold settings

For thousands of years the nephrite mineral had many uses such as tools, weapons, art, burial covers and other For the Chinese this was the Stone of the Heavens. Also for Aztecs and Olmec it had a very high value, actually for many old countries of the precolonial age it was somehow similar as we consider diamonds today. The green stone today makes an excellent raw material choice for rings, pendants, necklaces, bracelets, bangles and other.

Engagement rings and Wedding rings.

Elegant engagement and wedding rings have their origins in the age-old tradition of the "bride price" which in the nineteenth century focused differently and between the mundane purchase of a woman which was totally materialistic to a rather symbolic appreciation for actual affection. However, if one donated a precious object (engagement ring) this was more or less a part of the bride price but paid in a different way to the bride's family, however, the woman was handed over as a gift and in her possession the family was renamed the bride beats the engagement ring. but this was a kind of insurance for the woman in case the future partner was not available on the day of the decision.

This meaning developed further in the 20th century in the form of engagement rings. Further, the fourth finger of the left hand was defined as a "ring finger" because at that time there was a conviction that his fingers were passing through a vein that came straight from the heart In the meantime, the company has been materialized or commercialized, which has brought a profitable business branch to the forefront of the jewelry scene

old and new style cabochon rings on display in Bogyoke Market Yangon

The jadeite ring. 

To Chinese people jadeite rings symbolize an eternal aura and protection. In recent years the idea of a a bit of macho was added with black jade as a fashion item for men. People also say it attracts prosperity but many are superstitious either when buying jade earrings or not.

When choosing the piece of jewelry it needs to check if it's not a fake since plenty of mainly Chinese jade dealers know all kind of tricks to make substandard piece excellent. If someone buys that it will be rotten after about three years, that goes mainly via bleaching and injecting resin plus heat treatment. Other jade dealer just sell glass maybe serpentine and colored stones instead of jadeite but sterling silver is still the most used setting material.

There are a few other reasons to make the stone interesting among them is the ancient history plus some mythical properties the hardness is between diamond and rubies  which are mainly taken serious by Chinese people. Actually Jadeite and nephrite are the two versions which are known under the name jade.