Lavender Jade Bangles

Lavender Jade bangles.

In particular when the lavender color gets shiny and transparent prices are rising exponentially and the simple reason is there is no other natural material with this beauty beside of jadeite. fascinating lavender jade bangles at Bogyoke Market Yangon

In the ever changing world of fashion are some constant parameter one of them are jade stones jewelry chunks boulders rocks and pebbles where mainly only the color changes. 

Although everyday is a new day, not everything changes everyday there are so many beautiful and useful things so what for to change for the sake of the change and wasting a lot of time. They don't know the difference between creativity and just doing something for the sake of doing something.

A typical beauty or novelty are the colored stone bracelets because the nature already created the stones with infinity colors and patterns. There are many varieties to choose from allowing a fest for the eyes and still keeping personality e.g. with matching colors throughout.

lavender bangle variants with white

This is on of the reasons why we offer matching accessories and clothing to go with the beautiful jade bangle and bracelet you choose. These adornment and ornaments could als also make a lasting gift for others. Just think about the birthday or other occasions. With Chinese people these jadeite jade bracelets have an amazing virtual power to block bad influence and protect your health.

Just have a look at the jade pictures they are very convincing. But be careful when handle the jewelry because when they fall down on a stone floor the risk for braking apart is high. Now, where is lavender jade coming from and not only the bangles? 

It is milled from solid jadeite stones extracted in northern Myanmar's Kachin State around Hpakan.

We included some more jade jewelry items which make some sense to bring them together it could either be considered as add-on to the existing bangles and bracelets on this pages or maybe a simple extension to this beautiful body decoration. 

Since the lavender bangles also fit into the same price category as other jade jewelry just have a look it's interesting anyway. When you are already here have a look since there are "soooooo" many jade attraction around it's a real showcase of colorful jewelry which for sure let you shine and not only today. 

Lavender Bangles and bracelets 

They are always coming in the same category which is a simple piece of jewelry to adorn the wrist. Although this pretty thing on the arm and wrist always has some long lasting relation to India. 

E.g in China to jade bangles and bracelets plus India to ruby together with sapphires and gold.

raw lavender and green jade stonesIn India bangles have another traditional indication since they are worn by married women. In China are some superstitious parameter interpreted into jade in general to health and metaphysical protection. Today bangles and bracelets are a favorite accessory of women all around the world it's just called pretty stuff which makes women virtually shine all this pretty items are created from raw lavender jadeite jade.

The simple beauty of the lavender color (often also defined as purple) make the bangles special It is often enhanced with some precious material e.g. silver metal where it is used on parts of the jade bangles to reflect the light back into the lavender stone.

This produces a beautiful effect when the particular jade already has a certain level of transparency or translucency. In recent decades it also just became a fashion accessory for any occasion.Bangle jewelry ranges from simple to real artwork and sophisticated carvings.

A simple lavender jade stone bracelet will enhance your look you only need to make sure people can see it this magic stone can work magic if people believe it since it;s all functioning in the head. Other option are sapphire bracelets made with cabochons or other corundum gems. Keep in mind ruby and sapphire are corundum stones most people really like them.

lavender bangles including prices

the raw jadeite rock from the mine

delicate lavender jade jewelry medium price range

transparent lavender jade bangles from the Bogyoke market Yangon

gorgeous lavender and green translucent bangles

exquisite lavender and green jadeite bangles

charming lavender jadeite bangles

transparent lavender jade bangles mid-range prices

The bangles are mill-cut from solid jade stones and very sought after is lavender color, it is a difficult task to do this since the rock or boulder never has a uniform color. That is the reason why most items made have parts included with other color variants. This is very good visible here with the lavender jewelry.

Other attractive items with a lavender color.


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