Lavender jade earrings

Lavender jade earrings.

Lavender jade earrings are perhaps the most beautiful jadeite jewelry pieces best with a silver setting because the two colors harmonize well but you should then wear short hair to make them visible hoop style would fit perfect.

The lavender jadeite jade market can not match the green stone  strong but has interesting growing rates which comes from a growing consumer market in China and elsewhere outside of the gigantic market of "red China" it's been mainly younger ladies fueling the demand for this fascinating gemstone.

Lavender Jade Sellers.

Lavender Jade Sellers in the jewelry stores in Asia also do not shy away from bringing the consumers jade with the irrelevant argumentation that the price will rise in the future as the jade market opens and millions of buyers come actually which is true but the fact is there is enough high quality jadeite jade available in Myanmar where most of this version of the precious stone is coming from and also in B.C. Canada and Australia where the nephrite version come from.

Here are more jade colors its like a rainbow