Lavender Jade Pendants

Lavender jade pendant.

Lavender Jade Pendants are typical feminine jewelry item and available in many versions such as shape and with interesting carvings sometimes even with a touch of art. Most show a religious bas-relief carving e.g. a lavender sitting Buddha.

lavender jade pendant
This jade jewelry are somehow fashion items but with some philosophy behind the nature of the stone and the ideas some people interpret into.

This is pretty jewelry with an actual meaning and purpose for many Chinese people. Actually what could be better to have it placed around the neck and feel good.

Lavender jade pendant.

fascinating lavender jade pendants

pretty round lavender pendant on sale at Bogyoke Market

carved Buddha pendant with green and lavender color

Jade Buddha pendant in lavender and white transparent style

As it is clearly visible here it is not easy to find larger pieces with a uniform lavender jade part there is always some other color mixed into such as green and white. This Pretty gemstones are mainly used as accessories to make women shine and focus attention enhancing the appeal of almost every wearer. 

Actually a set of a matching jade necklace pendant and earrings is probably the best match.

Lavender jade sitting Buddha
Lavender Jade Buddha