Lavender Jade Ring

Lavender Jade Ring.

The color for lavender jade rings is within the blue and purple spectrum actually a bit more magenta into the blue with a touch of red.  Since there is no much basic "fire" in a jade ring design many jewelry creations use diamonds to add some sparkling. 

But finally it's the taste of the buyer who makes the decision but with lavender jade it's us

There are countless of lavender ring style in particular the color of the stone and the form which usually is a small cabochon styles but not much can go wrong with this beautiful gift which a gorgeous lavender jade ring is whether by design nor by the colors or metaphysical properties Chinese buyers always interpret into which often overwhelms the other parameter. Although jadeite don't have such a high profile as diamonds as wedding rings the color and a good design makes attractive jewelry for that purpose..

Although jade is not so popular as an engagement ring material but with some sparkler around this can be trimmed into the high end. Actually jadeite slowly found its way into the high-end upmarket and is slowly becomes mainstream. Its finally the colors and the designs which make the difference.

High-end jewelry has a brighter level of translucency. The more transparency the higher the price which is normal with jade anyway. When buying check for micro-cracks with at least a 10x magnifying glass.

And when the purchasing price reaches higher grounds check it with the UV flashlight. This torch lights are not expensive but a good indicator if the basic jade parameter are OK.

Considering the continuous cheating attempts especially when buying jade jewelry at a local store better harness yourself to be prepared or buy from a trusted source as in the website.

Variants of lavender jade cabochon rings
When buying a pretty stone jewelry through the pageboy here is safe but there are many shops and jewelry stores in the world and really most people don't know how they play the game. Interesting in lavender? 

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