Mother of Pearl

Mother of Pearl for jewelry & Tableware

An organic jewelry material from the ocean is "mother of pearl" not only for body decoration but also for tableware there are plenty of other creative ideas to use it. 

This naturally growing organic material is made from nacre which is the layer of which makes the shell lining of mollusks it is also known under the name aragonite and very strong but still have some flexibility. 

Mother of Pearl

mother of pearl jewelry

The Bogyoke Market in Yangon is one of the very few places with such a wide variety of mother of pearl jewelry products available this is indeed an oriental bazaar with real treasures so better take some cash with you when visiting Myanmar.
mother of pearl chokermother of pear and red coral necklace

  • Mother of Pearl jewelry.

Pearl although organic material are used as jewelry like gemstones bringing elegance to men and women. I once bought some furniture in Pakistan with shiny beautiful mother of pearls. As jewelry the material is often overlooked although they are really and shiny attractive .

Mother of pearl is the creator and often used paired with beautiful beads maybe with gold black white silver or pink color. From the color it reminds a bit to opals but in the white spectrum. Both have a wide use as jewelry earrings plus necklaces and furniture plus tableware. The shiny material is also popular with men as cuff-links with pretty reflective properties making each piece a unique item. Many women use them as earrings and pendants.