Natural Jade Jewelry

Natural Jadeite Jade Jewelry.

Available as raw natural jadeite jade mineral manufactured into jewelry. Nephrite is the original genuine stone we know as Chinese Jade which was mined in Turkestan. Fine jade jewelry are not only for women and mostly not cheap but because of the internet low price jade sources are available. 

Natural Jadeite Jade Jewelry.

Actually with jade-stones cheap is a relative expression because many times the material is not jade often it is only a look-alike in particular with green colors but best looking in a silver or white-gold setting.
First step to make it great is buy the raw mineral from here which is mostly the high end version also known as jadeite.   

Sometimes the lower quality version which is nephrite also known as Chinese-Jade but since the sources in Turkestan got exhausted it now comes from Canada & Australia plus some other countries the rough jade their mine there is also natural but nephrite jade.

  • Beautiful raw natural jadeite jade stones.

Beautiful raw natural jadeite is available in various colors one of the reasons why people buy jadeite are the brighter hues which are more intense compared to nephrite which actually is "Chinese Jade".Jadeite is also a bit harder but usually nobody cares about that the importance to buy is mostly the colors and textures. 

Natural black raw jade
raw light green jadeite

Currently jadeite mineral is  Myanmar Jade (Burma) and Guatemala where also a interesting blue version is found which was already used by the old Olmecs and Mayas similar to the green version the Chinese used. Beside of pure and genuine jade is around plenty of fake and chemically treated junk is out there and often not recognizable for an untrained eye. 

raw green jadeite
rough green jadeite jade

Be especially vigilant in Thailand. A typical trading center for pure jade from Myanmar is Mae Sot in Thailand they also have beautiful other precious. Most semi-precious stones on sale come from Burma.
jade specialist at work to separate the natural material
The picture (right side) was taken in Mae Sot at the Thailand - Myanmar (Burma) border and luckily there is always a specialists around who check the piece in question for a fee to make sure the green stone is genuine. 

Natural white jade stone is the second in place after green and the mineral of choice for all kind of sculptures since the imperial or grass color becomes quickly prohibitive expensive. In particular when there is a good smooth level of translucency visible because with this prices are virtually exploding the mineral is highly sought after. Rough jade mined is also natural but the nephrite version

Black Jadeite is the mineral version with a macho touch and carvings are mainly of Chinese warriors. If it is a particularly good piece of stone with a high transparency high prices are paid from mainly Chinese customers.
The pure green stones are probably the most sought after but it is not easy to find them without impurities and a uniform and saturated color. There are almost all time some other color patterns and veins in the mineral this is one of the reasons why it is so expensive when it is really clean and with transparency on top of it if the color is green it would be a perfect jade gemstone.  With natural lavender color it can look really gorgeous just imagine a shiny bangle or pendant with a lavender hue.

beads with many hues and forms
lovely lavender pendant with some green

Colorful beads for ball chains and natural jade necklaces. To start this production chain the mineral is mined in Kachin state Myanmar from  jade-boulders chunks and rocks are extracted from dikes which are until now are up to around 10 to 20 meters length, high up to around 8 meters and often 5 meters thick. The boulder indicated here was around 20 m below the surface with an approximate weight of over 3000 tons.

Jade beads bracelet is coming in beautiful variants as seen in the picture here. This is jadeite and not as expensive although looking exceptional and this is something real no plastic just natural.

Most jade in natural form comes as a blend of green and other veins, but the everyday extractions are usually not as big. After extracting them the raw pieces will be sorted and evaluated.

The classification is relative to color, translucency,  texture, size and clarity means inclusions and flaws. An additional selection is done in consideration of the color. At the mines they have people who have got plenty experience in evaluation the green stone over years, the problem with evaluation is you can't look at the stone. The case is a bit different with "river jade" which are small pieces washed through in a stream. 

Natural imperial green jade boulder with a great saturation

Natural green jade boulder

  • A green jade boulder.

The boulder might look pretty outside For a few centimeter and worst inside imagine someone buying a rock for thousands of dollars to find out later it's rather not good material. Means thousands of dollars went down the drain it's a risky business with jade.
They overcome this partially when mines take boulders and have them cut one or two times before selling. That's one of the biggest risks in rough items trading.

ancient Chinese jade carving handicraft sculptureNatural Jade Buddha
Even if the Chinese jade jewelry frenzy is going on for another two-hundred years it would be served with natural stuff without problems.
Because of new exploration techniques which can be imported in the future after the embargo is put on hold new dikes will be found. Actually already now part of Kachin State are real jade mountains and the deeper the mine is worked into more and better minerals is extracted. In Burma is no blue jade when they try to sell it it's always lapis lazuli and not a piece of jade.

Buddha statues made from natural jadeite in specialty store

The geological reserves of gem class material are high and even at the surface and just below, where it is easy to mine rich deposits are known. High-quality nephrite jade with fine texture and great color in natural form such as the Buddha statues above are plenty, the only parameter which is rather hard to satisfy is translucency, that’s the jade material where the gemstone becomes very expensive. Actually today the only two subjects left with jade gemstones is sculptures and body decoration. 

Up to about thousand years ago, this was different. Ancient items recovered in China indicate the use of arrow and lances-tip various tools and other.
Characteristic jadeite jewelry
small street side shop with natural but low quality jade items
Natural yellow jade beads street shop in Mae Sot
Expensive and gem quality jade shop in Singapore

  • Natural Jade Stone.

Natural jade jadeite and nephrite can be found as raw mineral and in the shop as beautification ornaments sculptures and figurines. 

To start this chain jadeite is mined in Kachin state Myanmar where boulders extracted from dykes are up to around 10 to 20 meters in length and up to around 8 meters thick One of the rather strange carvings they make from solid jade stones is oval ones which Chinese people hold in the hand when they have to make an important decision it must be genuine or “Zhen-yu'”. 

A good expert will take a tiny bit of jadeite into the spectroscopic scan it and X-ray diffraction analysis. They will compare the example with the structure of 2 genuine samples. The specific gravity of the mineral can also be determined, which indicates whether the piece is genuine or not. Smaller purchases are usually tested with torchlight and lots of experience as can be seen in the picture. Of course, you cant make this analysis at the jade market so we pointed to a known specialist and some simple tools such as a UV light.

The boulder indicated here was around 10 m to 20 m below surface with a approximate weight of over 3000 tons. Just imagine how many attractive Jade Buddha could be made from such a jade boulder? For sale are rough stones rock and chunks.

Over thousands of years Chinese People fixed all kind of attributes to the mineral which includes different idea to the color variants such as orange bring inner peace and green has some healing properties and black brings help at negative situations.
Natural jade

Natural Jade Jewelry.

This is leading to the situation that Chinese men are buying black pendants and rings to ward off negative influences and these pretty little green minerals are often easily reaching a couple thousand dollars.

Usually the pendants are decorated by fitting carving.

It is also the birthstone for March and for Chinese this is the “Stone of Heaven” by any means, actually, they are well known to be very suspicious. Here are plenty of photos to give you a better understanding, just look at the magnificent colors.

Imperial Natural Jade Pendant sold in Yangon's Bogyoke Market.
The mineral has a mysterious character which was build up for a long time and today this is used by the sales men in the shops to pull the money of the customers and amazingly they like it when they get stripped of their earned cash. Just watch this imperial green jade pendant they sold it in the Bogyoke Market in Yangon for $ 17.000,- in 2015 and since then prices went up again for about 30% it's incredible.

Visiting any jade shop in Singapore or KL every clerk tells buy now prices rise dramatically buy there are still whole mountains in Hpakant in Myanmar bearing enough jadeite for the next few hundreds of years. Actually they found more nephrite in recent years in Canada B.C. and Australia than the Chinese ever mined in the last 6000 years there is still enough buried in mother earth. Actually, the Chinese Ladies are on the forefront of the follower of jade fashion and they like attractive colors.. Legends surround this green stone such as immortality and since this, it also had a touch of macho during certain time periods they sent out naked virgins to collect “river jade” long time ago and not long ago some items were sold at Christie's Hong Kong for multiple millions.

Newly rich Chinese collectors are buying the old treasures that once have been stolen from their country, mainly British stole immense quantities and values for the crown similar as they did in Myanmar (Burma) with rubies and teak.

Old carvings are hoarded and investors speculate to a make a “golden cut” just watch this pretty pictures.

Natural Jade mines in Myanmar

Burmese mineral is pyroxene which measure around 7 on Moh's scale for hardness. The physical parameters are for sure better compared to nephrite which is commonly defined as "Chinese Jade". Anyway both are prime raw jade cut stones.

That jadeite boulder color is a blend of green white and dark red veins. But the everyday extractions are usually not as big. After taking them out from the underground the raw pieces will be sorted and evaluated.

Jadeite and nephrite are different stones it can be categorized into Chinese Jade which is Nephrite and "Myanmar Jade" which is jadeite. ... The most valuable type of jade is imperial jade with traces of chromium which actually make the green color of the stone.

Three categories of Natural Jade.

First is the top quality mineral which is imperial jade and high price items is made from. 

The next quality is commercial jadeite, normally used for sculpturing and medium priced items and the last quality is so called utility jade which is used for cheaper items plus sculpturing and other items. The classification is relative to color translucency texture size and clarity means inclusions and flaws. A additional selection is done in consideration of the color. At the mines are people who have got plenty of experience in evaluation the green stone the main problem with evaluation is nobody can look into the stone naturally so they cut the jade stone. Natural Jade Mine in Myanmar with gemstones Boulder. One of the valleys they extract the green stones is shown below. This one looks still good but many Myanmar mountains in upper Burma's Kachin state have been blasted apart with explosives there is no much thinking about the environmental impact.

Many jade boulder look pretty on the surface for a few centimeter and worst inside imagine someone buying a rock for thousands of dollars and when back home in the jade shop after cutting the mineral they find that out and thousands of dollars went down the drain its a risky business. They overcome this partially when mines take boulders and have them cut one or two times before selling. That's one of the biggest risk in raw jade trading not only in the Bogyoke Market in Yangon. This is mainstream today since they sellers want to make sure the people know what rough stones they buy.

The geological reserves of gem class jadeite.

The geological reserves of gem class jadeite are high on the the surface and below were it  is easy to mine rich deposits. High quality deposits of natural stones with fine texture and great color are plenty the only parameter which is rather hard to satisfy is translucency, that’s the stuff where it gets difficult and very expensive.

The low level commercial grade stones with still good colors, good luster and fine texture are even used for decorative purposes of homes and offices better ones for decorative arts.

Although the material sold right on the street doesn't look very attractive it definitely is native and untreated showing how deep rooted and abundant jadeite is in the country. Always possible to make a good deal. The jade sculptures below are from a store on the same street about 50 meters away which only sells natural jadeite jade stone products

Genuine gem quality white jade Buddha

gemstone beads and cabochons
Gemstone beads and cabochons
jade shop at bogyoke market yangon

The best stone is natural jadeite or nephrite and the top demand is with green black and lavender colors.  

High-end fashion item.

Black is a rare color of the magnificent stone of heaven it has some mystical component which actually comes down visually to a high amount of graphite and iron oxide. 

These two trace elements morph green black when a deeper analysis is made it can still be defined as green but a very dark one. Here are also two further variants which mean Aceh Black Jade and the Myanmar (Burma) mineral the latter gained more attention in recent years since it was not known before.

black jade  stones

Although among Chinese Jade always had a virtual protective component which increased more for black and after a certain “macho” symbolization was added the protection from negative energy gained importance. Nevertheless it finally is a version of superstition it creates some ideas in the wearers mental cloud to control personal power. 

Black jade pendant with caved warrior

The black jade gemstone is thought to give protection from attack and for 

Black nephrite and jadeite version is found all over the world.

Beautiful lavender jade of pendants and bangles

Raw lavender jadeite in a Bogyoke Market Shop Yangonfine lavender pendant on a string

  • White jade color is the favorite.

White color is the favorite for Genuine and Natural Buddha Statues. Want to purchase such a beautiful natural and pure sculpture is a good idea and it would be the best to visit the Bogyoke Market in Yangon Myanmar (Burma) for it they for sure have the best selection and prices.This is a highly sought after gemstone but actually two separate minerals, one is jadeite the other nephrite. This came to light when new technology analyzer come into the world about 150 years ago. It was a similar advancement with ruby stones e.g. The higher grade is Jadeite which is mined in Kachin State Myanmar it is a pyroxene mineral with composition NaAlSi2O6, hardness at 7.0m and a specific gravity of about 3.4. 

White nephrite horses for home decoration

Nephrite (which commonly is defined as Chinese Jade) on the other hand is a calcium and magnesium-rich mineral, with the chemical formula of Ca2(Mg, more dullFe)5Si8O22(OH)2. Both minerals have small, tightly-interlocking grains making them hard and durable. Nephrite today is found in Canada and other places (the Chinese version which actually came from Turkestan) is almost exhausted and is found with yellow green and some other color but also is less bright and shiny than the other.

Jadeite is found in almost all other colors with a richer and more saturated hue and better textures. Gemstone designers like it because of this better colors. Beside of the natural stone always fake material (in particular in China and central Asia is on the market). 

Typical products from natural jade are pendants and rings plus bracelets and other bling bling such as necklaces and earrings as cabochons since the stone is not clear. 

There are also other stones on the market which are sold as jade but are not typical are white Buddha statues which are declared as jade but are treated marble and other fakes.
Round cylindrical flat beads and other versions are made into beautiful ball chains which are intermixed with other materials such as silver this blending possibilities makes it a excellent material for fashion design and out from the cut open rough rough material creativity is coming.

Top buy is always A grade jade which must be untreated actually many Chinese manufacturer use chemicals to bleach and dyes.This has some tradition since the jade stone always had a special place in the history of Chinese culture and was always known as the royal gem prone to fashion with color ideas and texture preferences.

 jade ball chainYellow jadeite pendant