Nephrite Carvings

Nephrite is the original Chinese Jade.

The main question here is buying jadeite or nephrite items. Upmarket shops are in high-end malls the Sands Casino at Marina Bay Singapore and in every big city on the planet where a substantial Chinese population is.

There are always two subjects to consider, to buy a jadeite statue or nephrite sculptures. Asking where did the statue come from is again a dual question since there are two variants.

Creative sources are Myanmar but most often it's China where manufacturing is done. The raw material is from Burma and other countries since nephrite is mined worldwide among them are Canada, New Zealand and other.

Many Chinese people have a somehow mystic connection to the green stone which considered a symbol for good plus pure. On top of that, it is very decorative.

Cultures used the mineral for different purposes such as Mayas and Olmecs in the Americas but nowhere is this green stone so deeply rooted in culture. Ornamental plaques have been detected up to around 7000 years back in excavations of the HsingLumg culture in Inner Mongolia. Over time sculptures were placed inside temples made from the green stone, and sometimes white stone plus a combination of them.

The Jade Buddha Temple sculptures in the Shanghai temple are probably the most famous, built in 1882, destroyed in 1911 and rebuilt in 1928. Two white statues are still there, they are crafted from excellent white Burmese jadeite material and have been imported from the country long time ago, in this temple, there is no reclining Buddha.