Raw Black Jadeite

Raw natural black jadeite jade.

Real saturated black jade color is not very common why we indicate "natural raw"? because there is also synthetic material. Simple raw black jade jewelry is very pretty especially when an expert did the cutting and carvings the high end material is always jadeite jade. 

From this  rough black jade stone fine beads & balls chains are created  including rings and other fashion jade jewelry such as a black pendant necklace bangles.html

Real good black jade stones is also not found in bigger quantities.actually moth black jade on the market is just very dark green jade stone. Stones with full saturated black and without veins of other colors are highly sought after since they are rather rare
raw black jade

Raw Black Jadeite

The jadeite jade mineral is made into cabochons beads bracelets rings pendants and other jewelry.Most jade coming from Myanmar has no treatments with chemicals and dyes this is usually done by Chinese manufacturers in China.

raw black stones among other

Black jade attraction.

The final product a bracelet
black obsidian pendant
black jade pendant

matching the sculpture composition of great artwork

raw black and white jadeBlack jade for jewelry


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