Rough Jade Green

Thinking about rough jade an association with the green color is automatically coming up.

Rough green jade is mainly connected with the color green and obviously it has been so for about 6000 years and not only with Chinese people. 

However there are a lot of different shades of color and hues in the category jade and jadeite either as rough stones sculptures ornaments and jewelry.  

 green jade and silver ring

In addition today many other gemstones are included in the jade and jadeite category although they are other minerals a good examples is aventurine.

Of course jade and jadeite gemstones are already something special and nothing unusual in themselves until a good craftsman or artist give the stone the attractive beauty and with various modern tools (see the ad at right top) the finishing touch to be subsequently processed into magnificent jewels or perhaps Buddha and Hindu god statues. Today however rather white jade stones are used to represent religions objects.