Ruby Stone Trading

Ruby Stone Trading and Business

The main trading and business centers for the red ruby stone are not in Burma (Myanmar) they are in Chanthaburi and Bangkok in Thailand that includes Sri Lanka and Madagascar rubies.

In the past when the neo-colonialist (Britain and US  politicians) implemented their embargo against Myanmar most gems from there were smuggled to Chanthaburi (Thailand) and traded here. 

The Thai were happy with this solution and were smiling about the "ding dong farang" who moved the windfall profit to Thailand just because of political ideology. 

Finally everyone has known this but because of "political correctness" they didn't talk about it. At least in the media they were the winner and the Burmese the looser and thousands of kids had less to eat because less money to buy food. At the same time the English & US kids grow fatter at MacDonald's isn't it a shame what these politicians are doing this is not natural at all?

Bangkok and Chanthaburi south of Pattaya is still one of the biggest precious stones exchange in the world because not much has changed in Myanmar anyway. Most people buying the red stones including garnet and spinel there. Chanthaburi is also know as the center of the "Ruby Burner". Because all rubies which are not so good and have defects and impurities are moved to Chanthaburi for heat and other treatment