Ruby Stone

Burmese Ruby Stones.

Burmese (Myanmar} Ruby Stones are found in Mogok north of Mandalay and Mong Hsu east of the second largest city near the border to Thailand. 

raw ruby for saleBurmese Ruby Diamond JewelryRuby's red crystals display an internal picture which is distinctly unique and one of the reasons why the red stones are sought after for exquisite jewelry often allowing separation from rubies of any other source here are genuine natural rubies.

 natural ruby for sale

ruby pendant

The red ruby stone and crystals are washed out from small rivers and also grow on marble in the hilly area around Mogok and Mong Hsu. 

The major features of Mogok rubies are both euhedral ('well-formed') and rounded crystal grains they "go" well along with dense clouds of rutile silk plus the ability to fluorescence.

Map of Burmese Ruby mining.

However the best rubies are found in Myanmar (Burma) in the Mogok Stone tract about 120 km north of MandalayMyanmar Ruby Gemstone & Star Rubies Mogok Ruby Market  Ruby & Sapphire heat enhancement are nothing special when the gem is just raw and maybe embedded into a crystal. But they become very precious when they have the right red color not many inclusions reasonable size and a good cut.

Repeated twinning is relatively common, as is hexagonal color zoning sometimes in a swirled pattern termed 'treacle'. Generally, absent however or in small numbers only are the liquid-filled "fingerprints" and feathers which are common in Thai rubies. 

Actually stones of a size bigger than about one centimeter by about 8 millimeters are very valuable if clarity and so so called "pigeon blood" red color is right, the value of the gemstone rises exponentially with every millimeter more. Many bigger gemstones are even more rare than a diamond, that's the reason they can fetch higher prices than a diamond of similar size and quality.

The main difference of high quality Mogok Rubies to all other is only the red Myanmar stones  contain enough iron to fluorescence. To summarize, white light falling on a stone causes electrons to jump to a higher electric charged state. 
raw Burmese ruby crystals

This produces the absorption of green-yellow and violet light. Thus blue and red light are transmitted giving the stone a purplish-red hue.

ruby and sapphire stones

In ancient times it was believed that a fire burned inside a ruby, as we can guess now this was not that far from the truth.

Raw Ruby from Mogok in Burma / Myanmar.

Raw ruby stone

Rough Ruby from Mogok before selection a bit later they will be on the selection table. The difficult thing is to find some with high-end clarity since they always have many inclusions. That explains the treatments, because when heating up the mineral most inclusions are melting away.

raw red ruby stone

selecting raw ruby stones
rough Burmese ruby

There is a lot of business with ruby jewelry and gems there buy them is the idea at the open market between the covered blocks. But this kind of gem trading out of the pocket is dangerous because the guy who sell is gone after he sold and foreigners should stay away from this by any means since it is illegal and nobody can issue a valid invoice and that's what is needed when leaving the country. When they catch someone at the airport with this gems, the gems are confiscated and prison is the next destination. A foreigner get caught very likely because there are always some plain cloth government guys around at this place who are very likely to find out what's going on Excellent jewelry
is also quite expensive when the stones are right. Loose ruby gemstones are easy to find at Mogok, Myanmar, the world capital of ruby mining, Many are gem quality for beautiful jewelry. Smaller stones are also traded at the Bogyoke market in Yangon Myanmar every day.

ruby stone

Ruby gemstone shops.

Most ruby gemstone shops in Myanmar are in Yangon's Bogyoke market, there are also several jewelry shops elsewhere in Yangon city in particular placed in the Yangon hotels and some shops are at the gem museum in Yangon. Also at other shopping places you always can find them for sale. 

Buying them in Myanmar is for sure the best at Yangon at the places indicated above, if you are a adventurer you could travel to Mogok and buy them directly from the mine the problem is how to determine the quality and how to get the right paper for legal export, don't try illegal gem export. If they catch you, very likely, even if the stone is quite small you go to prison and this is real bad. Myanmar prisons are some of the worst in the world your health is worth more so buy your star rubies at an authorized dealer to keep problems away.

raw ruby bulk
genuine Myanmar Ruby Necklace with silver setting

An alternative could be to travel to Mandalay and have a look around the Maha Muni Pagoda there are several gemstone markets.

Burmese Ruby.

Burmese Ruby have been mined for several hundred years and they are available in general for about 10,000 years, maybe more. In certain cultures, supernatural power have been interpreted into the stones, some even thought the red color came from fire inside the stone. Ancient Hindus believed that they could make water boil, and early Greeks thought the crystals could melt wax.

After the diamond a ruby gemstone is the next hardest. In other cultures (Myanmar or Burmese and Native American), it was commonly believed that this stone was protecting a person who wear it because of its blood-like color and naturally also as ruby jewelry.

A natural ruby is usually of high value, heat treated stones are of low value. Synthetic stones are another version mainly used in industrial application, laser and watch bearing. Until recently the best were mainly mined in Myanmar - Burma.

Even a Myanmar (Burmese) ruby is difficult to find cut and polished of sizes over around 10 mm after cut and polish means prices are constantly rising the market is somehow similar to jade. Burmese ruby rings are still in high demand  most of the time together with some diamonds.
A ruby gemstone in Madagascar is 'harvested' the artesian way. There is a lack of investment capital in Madagascar due to the political instability -a small clan with strong connections to France run the country. France is one a strongest supporter of  Africans looting their country. Lebanese have have most of the legal and illegal precious stones business in west Africa under their control. In Madagascar the ruling clan on power controls almost everything which brings money via export.

The hunt is after red gems and there are always people who try to find the gems all over the world. Using new exploration methods and cutting edge technology they are quite successful, read more.

This is not only a beautiful gem, it also be considered a very high and long lasting investment since the resources are dwindling on planet earth. In recent years only in Madagascar new mines opened and their output is very little because of only minimal investment into mining.

A Burmese ruby ring could be considered to be a very good solution when you want to do your darling something real good, beside of the other stuff. About this gems much has been said, bet this is eternal true. Gemstone are so attractive and gets a high level of attention, just think about this great red stone and diamond ring, what could be a better ruby jewelry ?

rough ruby stonesruby cabochon rings

Myanmar rubies.

Myanmar rubies could be another good investment since as mentioned before good natural gems have a high value and this value wont disappear. Of this the star rubies version is very special, just the same like a great star sapphire. Actually both gems are the same minerals, only the color is different. Low quality gems are sometimes taken and the red is enhanced by heat treatment. One suggestion never buy a Myanmar ruby or sapphire in Thailand since almost for sure you will experience a very negative stuff means you get badly cheated almost for sure. This Thai gemstone and jewelry dealers are extremely dishonest. 

If you ever buy a expensive gem have the stone be examined in a independent lab before you pay. Never believe any gemstone seller a single word cheating is a part of this business there is no way around whatever they tell to you that includes star rubies.and almost every other precious stone.

In our website you can find plenty of information, about jewelry, rings, loose gems and more. Resources of Myanmar precious stones are not exploited at large scale and practically no downstream  business in this market is done locally. That means the real money with all kind of ruby jewelry, such as rings, earring, necklaces and gemstones is done at the gem dealer side. A ruby gemstone pendant would also be not so bad and there are many variants.

Ruby gemstone in Mogok.

Mogok rubies are well known since centuries but a star rubies is still rather rare. Mogok town in central Myanmar is somehow the center of the red stone mining. The Mogok ruby are about 120 km north of Mandalay in central Myanmar not far off the Irrawaddy River and is the main mining area for the red gems. Mogok is almost a synonym for the red gems, gem market and mining in Myanmar - Burma.

Beautiful Mogok Lake lies in the centre of town, with a hotel on a silt island and around. The area around the Chanthargyi Pagoda on a small hill provides a great panorama of Mogok Town, the lake and the surrounding hills.

Myanmar rubies from Mogok are a showcase of the ethnic minorities in Myanmar - Burma. All kind of tribes like Lisus, Shans, Gurkhas, Kachins, Bamars, Chinese, Shan are there and try to get their share of the 'gems cake'.

The best and most valuable ruby gemstone is of "pigeon blood" color, that is a rich red, to top this could be a star rubies. The word Mogok comes from the Bamar Moegokesetwaing, meaning horizon. In Shan language it means a cold place with early sunset. According to legend, three Shan hunters lost their way in the jungle and as they made camp under a large fig tree, they found many fine rough gems dislodged by a landslide from a nearby hill. They gathered many of the ruby gemstones and took them back to their sawbwa (prince or chief) of Momeik 45 kilometers from Mogok.

The delighted sawbwa ordered a village to be built where the ruby gemstones were found called Thaphanbin or fig tree and since that time valuable gems, have been mined in the area where Mogok now stands. In 2005 there were over 300,000 people living in the area made up of Lisus, Shans, Gurkhas, Kachins, Bamars, Chinese and Shan, almost all of them make a living from the
gemstone business. The town has a number of living examples of the ‘rags to riches’ success story. Some are immensely wealthy. These lucky ones who found a precious ruby gemstone, even maybe more valuable star rubies are no doubt a source of inspiration and act as an incentive to the many  thousands of miners who are hoping to strike it rich.

There are over 1,000 ruby mines within an area of approximately 4,864 square kilometers around Mogok. The soil containing gravel and other substances is mixed with water, conveyed to wooden receptacles containing a series of metal sieves and washed thoroughly with copious amounts of water. The gravel and other solid matter are then carefully examined and ruby gemstones are collected. The red coloring comes from the presence of iron and chromium in the crystals.

What about some beautiful ruby beads as body decoration?

People don’t always go for cut and polished precious stones, often gemstone beads are preferred for certain purposes those are just the right body decoration. Most used are semi precious beads those have a good market and a sustainable selling and buying is almost for sure. Some of the most the best selling items are jade beads since they look good and usually are not very expensive also plenty of different colors are available with jade. 

Real precious stones beads are rather seldom since beads are always used in a larger amount such as in a chain and that gets quickly expensive when more than 10 are used. Probably the most used precious stones in bead form are pearls that are the nature of the item. Tanzanite, aquamarine, and amethyst are probably the most used semi precious stones beside of lower priced jades.
For almost all fashion clothing and not only fashion clothes different colors arde demanded for this task again jade is probably the most versatile because of the different colors available but for certain purposes beads are ideal, it really depends on the occasion to wear them and the color.  Jewelry made using the best fitting gemstone can really enhance the overall appearance significantly.

A star rubies forms the star when rutile needles align
this can display a six-ray star, known as asterism, a cat's eye effect is also possible but this is very rare.

Myanmar or Burma "Pigeon blood".

Red ruby gemstones are usually the most valuable but the "Pigeon Blood" color version is the "top of the ruby pop". Thai rubies usually are Myanmar rubies either imported from Myanmar or -mostly- smuggled. The main trading places are Bangkok and Chanthaburi. The inclusions can indicate the place where they come from. Myanmar or Burma ruby very often have inclusions of rutile, like olivine and spinel. Ancient Hindu's referred to them as the Lord of Gems and for centuries it has been mixed up with spinels. Red Corundum is called the ruby, other color of
corundum is a sapphire. They are second in terms of hardness only to the Diamond. The best way to clean your ruby jewelry is with a toothbrush soap and warm water, do avoid chemical cleaners as this could have an adverse effect on any oils used to treat your gemstone, however it is also safe to use a steam or ultra-sonic cleaner.

The main use is for jewelry, bearings in watches plus light generation for laser some more applications one of this are so called gem paintings where the usual colors are substituted by various gems, jade and other semi precious stones means instead of daubing paint on a canvas or board gem studs are glued on it.

The art of gems painting goes back around 3000 years when artists in Greece when clay was studded with small precious and semi precious stones. Today its done
in some EU countries and Japan, Myanmar and other countries in the region started years ago. Gem painting in Burma is done in two ways, first, gems are crushed into bits of powder, sieved and segregated into various sizes and colors and glued onto canvas or a board. Second, low grade gems grouped into different sizes, colors and tones get studded with glue on canvas or board.

The design is first drawn on the front after its studded with gems. In 

Burma gem painting is somehow a small industry with different centers, among them is Sagaing, Yangon and Mandalay, gems usually come from the Mogok mines. Colored stones used are, red and pink, for blue copper sulphate crystals are used. For white its calcite or moonstone, for green olivine and peridot, for black citrine is used. To bring yellow in is done with zircon or a yellow variety of topaz or quartz is used, for violet and purple amethyst is used. Also jade, coral and pearls are used when appropriate. Prices are according to the value of the gems used its sometimes a nice decoration in an office or home.

Diamonds might be the girl’s best friend but nothing beats a piece of ruby jewelry its red but often with a slight blue hue. So whatever the occasion, this gems jewelry can mark the occasion with a touch of heart and soul giving that person a timeless treasure, ruby gem.


besides jewelry - laser, watch bearing, other.
value of a raw gems - depends of size, color and form.
wear gems - jewelry, fashion.
what does a mined stone mean? - money.
what does a real stone look like - its red and shiny
what does it mean when it has been heat treated - red color is better and more intense.
what does Madagascar ruby mean - red stones mined in Madagascar
what does the stone look like when found - red stone or crystal.
what does the stone stand for - value.
what is raw stone worth? - depends on size, color, clarity.
what is the best color? - "pigeon blood" color, intense red, little inclusion, size.
what is the use of this stone? - jewelry, laser, watches bearings +.
what jewellery is made out from? - ring, pendant, bracelet, earnings and other.
what's a better stone, this one or sapphire? - its the same only different color.
where are they imported from? - Myanmar, Thailand, Madagascar.
which country has the best stone? - Myanmar
which are more expensive they or diamonds? - it depends on the quality, actually they are also much more rare than diamonds.
why are they good? - they look good, after cutting and polishing and are only second to diamonds in terms to hardness.
why is it considered a solution? - because it looks good, has value and is useful.
why is the stone red and a sapphire blue? - the color was made from inclusions during forming the gemstone.

Yangon sellers? - At Bogyoke Market.

raw spinel stones
ruby stones

Crystalline solids of a number of types are characteristic in Burmese rubies. They typically form clusters of rounded and for euhedral wins of a light color or colorless) concentrated particularly in the center of the crystal. The most often reported inclusions are calcite spinel and corundum plus apatite. Futile and zircon. Calcite is present as both rounded and angular rhombs and may be recognised by its cleavage and the polysynthetic twin lamellae which it often contains Spinel inclusions.

All this makes Burmese Rubies superior 
to any other ASEAN country but worldwide including Sri Lanka and Madagascar. Red rubies are always discovered together with sapphires since both are corundum gems. It is the clarity and rich red fluorescence conditions which make the Burmese Ruby superior to all other. Additional low scale mining is done in Thailand Cambodia and other places on the globe but most stones are too dark and full with inclusions which makes them not fit for top quality cutting polishing and faceting. 

The best method of observing the strong red fluorescence of Burmese (Myanmar) ruby is to focus ultraviolet light in the absence of any visible light. The presence of iron as an impurity quenches the red fluorescence because energy is transferred to the iron and appears as heat.

raw stones with colors
transparent crystals

Where are rubies mined?

Another newer mining area beside Mogok in Myanmar is further southeast near the border region to Thailand that is Mong Hsu. 

The Burmese Ruby found in Mong Hsu is of lower quality and are mainly heat treated already at the mine or brought to Chanthaburi in Thailand for "enhancement". 

A Ruby Mine in Myanmar.

Since their value is lower because of that the price range is also different on the other hand if one is not an expert without a lab to check this is difficult to find out here are rough ruby stones grown on marble from Mong Hsu.
rough ruby stones grown on  marble
Myanmar ruby grown on marble

Burmese ruby jewelry

Ruby Diamond Jewelry.

Ruby Diamond Jewelry Necklaceruby diamond rings