Sapphire Colors

Blue Sapphire.

The variety of gemstones cabochons and especially colors are overwhelming these stones are pretty precious indeed. 

Precious stones in blue the oval shaped items below are full of inclusions that are the nature of this type means sapphires are usually heat treated to enhance color and clarity. The blue version of corundum is a sapphire known since several thousand years similar to the red edition which is the ruby. Because they only can be cut and polished in a good manner since about 150 years they never were able to show the real beauty, but that has changed.

Blue and Pink Sapphire

This is often done already at the mine e.g. at Mong Hsu in Myanmar where the mined stones are on average less valuable than Mogok rubies because of this issue, they sell for up to $ 200 per carat but the main parameters are still the 4 C's.

sapphire jewelry colors

There are others which have been diffusion treated with beryllium to enhance color they are available for a lower price if the dealer is honest but most are not. 

There is rarely a business like gems and jewelry where cheating is so entrenched.  Prices for natural unheated stones with excellent four “c” can easily rich $ 5000,- per carat and more but they need diamonds or faceted sapphires to make them sparkle. The gold elephant below is decorated with blue and white sapphires

white sapphire and gold jewelry

sapphire stones

On this page, you find great engagement rings and other, expensive and cheap. If the prices are the low first thing to do is to check if it is a natural stone or a synthetic. The basic idea to see this is, take a magnifying glass and look for inclusions if there are none it's probably a synthetic gem. On this page are sapphire gemstones and some other combined in beautiful jewelry.

Bright dazzling glitter there are some attributes people fix on this sapphire color gemstones of blue and pink and jewelry but it always needs some diamonds to make it sparkle actually this is a bit different with pink sapphire when they are faceted and polished they are just like diamonds and there is no Russian and Jewish diamond cartel behind dictating the prices . Although precious corundum stones mostly come as blue gems they can be found in a variety of colors as you can see in the first picture above in recent years pink sapphire become very popular for jewelry as a diamond substitution.

Pink Sapphire replace Diamonds.

If you every buys one of this precious stones in any form take it out to daylight to have a close look since jewelry shops use special lights to enhance the color. Great sapphire bracelets earrings pendants necklaces rings and another knickknack in various designs are made from. With a shiny piece of sapphire jewelry, you will always be in the spotlight and add elegance to your dress. Keep in mind that these little precious stones need some care to preserve its beauty. Just clean them with a toothbrush and make sure to remove any remaining liquid afterward.

sapphire cabochons

Here are some pretty sapphire cabochons in the blue spectrum with different colors and shapes but sapphires not only come in this version they are available from white to almost black in recent years pink is highly sought after. Smaller ruby jewelry often paired with diamonds set in white or yellow gold are popular with younger ladies. They are still in the low-end price spectrum and very decorative, of course, it also depends on of the design. Actually, most Myanmar creations are rather conservative.

Cambodian Sapphire Shop

Beaded jewelry is always popular because most are fashion items in the low price segment but still look quite attractive. They come in all variants but mainly as beaded chains and necklaces, maybe with a pretty pendant. Blue and pink sapphires are magnificent opaque and clear gemstones, they can be fine when polished and somehow shine but all are topped by the star version.

White Sapphire

Blue Sapphire